Is it just me or does Mojang need to be restructured

I own and occasionally play both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft and I’m shocked at how slow the development for the Java version of Minecraft is …also the lack of polish in comparison to the Bedrock edition. I understand that the Java edition is arguably bigger than the Bedrock edition (unless that’s changed recently) but MS really needs to restructure Mojang and inform them that their productivity is slacking and needs improvement.

If I were Phil, I’d go to Sweden and tell Jonas that he needs to speed up the development time of Minecraft updates for the Java edition and to double time it on bug fixes and polishing.

Here’s an idea. Lets not call for people to be fired from their roles carte blanche.

This could have been a good thread with well thought out points about the disparity between how Mojang operate compared to the rest of Xbox Game Studios, but you’ve ruined it before it even got started.

I’ll lock it, and if you want to try again, please edit the post to be more constructive and less divisive.