Is every accessory REALLY gonna be forward compatible with Xbox Series X?

Hi! I’ve been looking for a couple of wireless headsets for my Xbox One C and I have settled for the Steelseries 9X. They look awesome and I’ve heard nothing but praise, but I just realized that this generation is coming to an end, so I shouldn’t be looking for XB1 headsets, I should be looking for Series X headsets!

I renember reading that every XB1 accessory is gonna be forward compatible, but it wasn’t clear if it was every official accessory or not. What do you say, Xera? Should I go for it or I should wait for the Series X to come out first?

They’re saying everything but Kinect.

  • Your Xbox One gaming accessories come into the future with you, too. The Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller all work on Xbox Series X, so you don’t have to purchase new controllers. We believe that your investments in gaming should move with you into the next generation.

i have astro A50 gen 3 wireless headset.astro have stated that a new firmware will be released that will work through usb like it does on pc with series x

Do we know for sure if the TV Adapters will work still? They use One Guide but I’ve no idea if that’s continuing on Series X.

I use the adapter to plug my aerial directly into the xbox for OTA TV so would be a shame if that’s not supported anymore too.

Not Kinect.

Absolute bullshit

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I was looking at them as well, came to the same conclusion about steelseries. Then also realised I need them to work in XSX.

Can’t say I barely even use mine, but some sort of compatibility would have been nice. Oh well.

When I moved to 1x I bought all the bits to do the USB mod, but, after many months of the job sitting in the todo pile I realised I’d not missed it at all so never bothered. Bet the usage stats at MS end tell a similar story for most people. Moved it on recently when I sold my OG X1 as they wanted it for dance games.

Basically everything that uses their wireless protocol or connects through USB will work.

It won’t have optical audio so devices that rely on that won’t, but it should support USB dongles for headphones.

I bought an astro mixamp earlier this year. I am also awaiting the firmware update.

But now I am wondering that if audio will be output by USB on the XsX, if a sennheiser GSX 1200 will be compatible?

Got a slightly different question and didn’t want to open a new thread:

Is there a controller for kids you guys could recommend? My son just started to try gaming with me, and the normal controller is simply to big for his hands.