IP that Xbox studios worked on before they were acquired

Howdy fine folks, my question for you today is a simple one.

Now that Xbox own over 40 game studios, do you think Xbox should acquire/license some of the IP that their studios previously worked on, before they joined team Xbox? If so which IP’s would you like them to get?

I have listed a few examples below but feel free to suggest any of your own (I’ll try and update the list as I go).

Obsidian Entertainment:

Ninja Theory:

InXile Enteraintment:

  • :parking: Torment :parking: (Publishing only - Techland)


Compulsion Games:

Arkane Studios


Due to the nature of ABK they self-published nearly all their own titles and published soooo many third party titles, so I won’t list all those. Instead I’ll list a couple fan favourites:

High Moon Studios

Blizzard Albany / Beenox

Raven Software

To try indicate variations I have used the following:

  • :parking: = Publishing rights only (This causes issues with Game Pass).
  • :triangular_flag_on_post: = Licensing issues (which causes issues with Game Pass and Back Compat).

Not to make the thread confusing, but IP ownership is separate from publisher. I the examples above, Obsidian already owns the Outer Worlds IP and pretty sure InXile owns Wasteland. Don’t know that much about the others.


Yeah you’re right about Wasteland I have removed that one.

I’ll try and distinguish the publishing rights separately, however this impacts Game Pass :slightly_smiling_face:.


I would like to see Ninja Theory have another go at this IP:

I love Hellblade but it would also be nice to see them work on something a bit ‘lighter’ again. I had to put my headphones down and take breaks in-between Hellblade 1 as it was messing with my head :joy:.


I have in the past said Enslaved should come back and be Xbox’s version of Horizon.

Personally, I really want to see Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura make a return.

I just don’t know if this game applies to the topic at hand or not, because the IP belongs to ABK, which they got from Sierra and the creators of that game went on to make both Obsidian and InXile.

So would it be a collaborative game, where both studios pick a handful from both companies to make the game or just have one of the companies make it.

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Ooh that is is a interesting one!

It looks like Xbox do now own both the IP and Publishing rights to Acranum. I don’t think Activision would prevent Obsidian or InXile working on it again (Troika) now they are under the same roof (assuming they want to of course).

And yeah absolutely, I didn’t really think about the Horizon comparison but it would :wink:.

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I’ll be the party pooper and say that I have no interest in that.

I have two reasons: i) The IPs listed aren’t that exciting to me, and ii) Xbox has no shortage of interesting IPs already at their disposal, so I’d rather any studio looking for a new project have a peek at that treasure trove instead.

That said, if some acquired studio had a great idea and a burning desire to make a sequel to their previous game, I would change my tune. I’d rather play a game from an IP that doesn’t turn my crank, but that’s made by an inspired and motivated team, than some shovelware set in an IP I care about.

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No, that’s fair enough :slightly_smiling_face:, for me personally it’s mainly Ninja Theory and ABK anyway.

But like you say any new acquisitions (which I’m sure will continue) will likely increase this list.

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I don’t think they’d buy the publishing rights to Outer Worlds 1 at this point unless there’s a legal claim that Ttwo can make about it going forward that would prevent them from doing what they want for future releases, and I’d imagine if that was the case they’ve already solved it.

Wouldn’t mind alpha protocol

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Yeah it’s a bit strange, the only thing I can find suggests that Xbox only control future iterations in the franchise (suggesting sequels). I think T2 (Private Division) will still hold sway for any updates, remakes, remasters and collections. I can also see it leaving Game Pass again if T2 and Xbox can’t renew their arrangement.

For We Happy Few I don’t know if Gearbox retain the publishing for further sequels too.

I know Alpha Protocol didn’t get great reviews but I enjoyed it.

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A new Alpha Protocol and Enslaved would fit nicely in Xbox upcoming games list :+1:

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