Inxile Entertainment Announces Clockwork Revolution

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During the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Xbox announced Clockwork Revolution, a new first person RPG from Inxile.

This is a developing story, will be updated with more information shortly.

On behalf of everyone at inXile entertainment, we’re thrilled to share an early glimpse of the incredible steampunk world of Clockwork Revolution. We’d like to share a bit more about what you saw in the trailer, as well as tease some aspects you may not have noticed.

This is a fantastical, first-person action RPG, with dynamic time-bending combat, deep interconnected roleplaying systems, and the ability to create your own unique character from the ground up. The project is led by Game Director Chad Moore and Principal Designer Jason Anderson, who just happen to have created one of the greatest steampunk RPGs of all time—Arcanum.

Setting and Story

Clockwork Revolution takes place in the vibrant Victorian-era metropolis of Avalon, where steam trains fly overhead, wealthy industrialists replace their limbs with ornate clockwork prosthetics, and mechanical servants fulfill their masters’ every whim.

But this new age of wonders holds a dark secret—it’s been carefully constructed by the ruthless Lady Ironwood. Through use of a time travel device, she’s changed key moments in Avalon’s history, keeping the working class struggling in the slums and factories, while bringing herself immense wealth and power. That’s where you come in…

Time Travel and The Chronometer

Discovering Ironwood’s scheme, you’ll use a wondrous device known as the Chronometer to travel back in time, choose how to influence the past, and then return to the present to experience the effects of your decisions. Through unprecedented and complex visual and narrative depth, the choices you make on your trips into the past will change the people, the stories, and the city of Avalon itself in extraordinary and (very often) unexpected ways. In Clockwork Revolution we’re pushing roleplaying reactivity to new heights, infused with the unique texture and personality that you’ve come to expect from our games.

This is an exciting project for us at inXile. Not only is Clockwork Revolution our first fully-fledged Xbox Game Studios release, but from start to finish we’re utilizing the resources and support of Microsoft and Xbox to create our studio’s first AAA first-person action RPG. We’re still early in development, but hope you enjoyed this pre-alpha sneak peek, and we look forward to sharing more… in due time.


This looked great. Massive Bioshock vibes.


Biggest surprise for me as I didn’t expect to see it with in game footage to boot.

Seriously Bioshock 3 vibes as well.


I agree. Reminds me a lot of Bioshock Infinite x Deathloop.


If it wasn’t for Starfield looking as awesome as it does, this would’ve been my highlight. Looks incredible.


Hell yeah Steampunk style. I love it.


Was blown away and love that it’s a full fledged RPG! Can’t wait.


Very excited for this one. Also I’m glad they mentioned that this was only pre-alpha footage, so it’s only going to get better. Hopefully they are given plenty of time for this. Maybe release on first half of 2025 would be realistic.


Wasteland 3 and Bards Tale IV proved to me inxile was one of my favorite studios… seeing this as inxile with a budget… I am just blown away.

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One of the best surprises of the show IMO! Can’t wait for this.

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Surprise of the showcase for me. Looks great, love the time period and everything. I see it as a 2025 release but definitely hyped to see more of the game. Best of all, it’s a first person RPG shooter as opposed to what InXile has normally done which were turn based strategy RPG’s which im not into at all so very pleased.

This was the surprise of the show for me. It gave me BioShock Infinite vibes and I absolutely adored that setting.

I imagine this is 2025.

I’m sold

Music to my ears. So it is going to be like their prior games but now in the realm of ‘AAA.’

That Xbox money coming into good use.

I don’t like the steam punk genre much at all, but I’m enjoying Bioshock Infinite atm. If the gameplay / shooting reviews well, I’ll give this a shot. Never played a game from this team before.

Make sure you try Wasteland 3. That was my first game of theirs that I played and it made me a huge fan.

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Yeah I definitely need to get around to that one. I’ve been really digging turn based tactics games recently.

You’ll love it then :slight_smile:

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What other games have a similar setting to this? I saw some people saying that this setting has been so played out in recent years but I’m struggling to think of anything besides Bioshock Infinite and The Order.