Introducing a new way to share

(This is by far the biggest Xbox news of the day :grinning:)


We gotta have a dedicated thread for screen shots and clips.

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Let me start by saying, I really don’t begrudge anyone who wants to share a stack of clip…

…but I just don’t understand the appeal myself. The internet is already broken under the weight of low-effort-content and hot-take streamer culture…Having a dedicated button for sharing your junk sounds like crazy-town to me.

The Share button is the feature I miss the most from my PS4 days. You only know how great it is once you experienced it.

I love it. Being able to leverage your phone is exactly how I wanted them to do it.

This opens up the ability to share on any platform going forward, without having to patch the Xbox OS to support various new social media platforms. Sharing to Instagram, Tiktok, and all the platforms that don’t see much gaming content is very cool. New social media platform taking the world by storm? If you have the phone app for that new platform you can share Xbox clips to it no problem without adding anything to your Xbox OS.

Also, this is something you want to do on a second screen anyways, and not on your big display. Tweeting and typing an accompanying message with the on screen keyboard isn’t convenient. It’s a breeze on the phone though.

It’s an elegant design. If I can hit the share button and not go into the OS menu, and have my phone do the rest, that would be chef’s kiss. Ok just watched the video again and that’s how it works. Doing it from the console is optional.

More information in this Larry Hyrb interview: