Interview with Sarah Bond (Corporate Vice President of Gaming Ecosystem at Microsoft)


Great interview. She found out about her 2019 E3 appearance 2 weeks before the show and at the convention centre, people approached her and say they were glad to finally see a black person at MS in a leadership position.


Good stuff.

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This was a great watch. Really like her!

Wow such a great interview.

Really nice to see that Ms on the platform side is being as pro consumer (the consumer in this case being the developers) as they have been on the consumer side and how that has been paying off for them.

She and her team are doing an awesome job in making Xbox a more diverse and viable platform and with the launch of Series X|S and Xcloud it also seems it’s about to explode.

Exciting times ahead


I wouldn’t have guess from her head of platform ecosystem job title that it would be more of a dev facing role, I though it was more about third part Xbox accessories and game pass! Very interesting some of the anecdotes she gave about game pass too.

Very happy to hear that Xbox and Microsoft is being supportive to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, it seems that way as an outsider looking in, I’m glad it looks the same to someone inside Microsoft too.

I hope last e3 wasnt the last time we see sarah on stage, she was great!


She seems to be the bridge too, like gamepass making sense for both consumers and developers and in turn making Xbox a more attractive platform for both.

It’s super exciting to see her saying it’s well above Ms expectations too. We kinda saw the effect in the fiscal reports and how even for games with no history on xbox finally getting a big community (like yakuza) but hearing straight from them how it’s beating even their most positive estimations is very nice, and very likely a reason why they are putting so much resources into it.

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