Interview with Brian Fargo on Twitch, talks about how the MS acquisitions work and confirms WL3 DLC

Dropped Frames is a pretty popular podcast on Twitch. Cohhcarnage is one of the bigger Twitch streamers on Twitch and is actually a really cool guy and a huge InXile and Obsidian fan

Things to take away from this interview with Brian

-MS acquisition started with a Facebook message to between Brian and someone else

-MS acquisition is THOROUGH, they want records of every employee who’s worked for company, every contractor, every piece of equipment details, the RAM in every machine etc.

-Wasteland 3 DLC incoming

-Talks about how Phil Spencer himself emailed Brian at 3 in the morning on why the co-op was having issues and Phil himself offered to help debug the game but Brian told him they’ll handle it and Phil has important things to worry about. Apparently Phil loves Wasteland 3

-Brian yet again confirms that Xbox gives them 100% freedom and doesn’t try to change company culture.


If Phil is willing to help debug Wasteland 3, imagine what he’d do for Destiny…

Really cool info. Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:


Watched this today while working, what a fantastic episode.

I really think InXile are going to surprise people with their next game.


Yesss awesome news!

Yep the dark horse coming from nowhere

Great, more Wasteland 3! If we got something in time for Series X, that’d be amazing. At this rate, I’m still gonna be playing WL3 when the console launches, lol. Taking my time, sipping everything in…

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Yeah I definitely want to give it another go on the Xbox when the patch hits.

People really should give this team all their attention when they get to be full-budget, full-throttle because they are some of the most storied veterans in the industry. I’ve been saying that Obsidian and InXile will be the most impactful to changing the position of Xbox in the industry. Not at all to say that all of the other amazing studios and their talented staff won’t, but Obsidian and InXile have so much experience and acclaim for their writing, efficiency, etc.

On a separate note: I’m also loving Wasteland 3 because it takes in my home city, so I feel like I’m back home (in a twisted way) going through Garden of the Gods and all the other C Springs haunts.

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It’s nice to get again hear the MS is giving the teams creative freedom. Wasteland 2 and 3 are really good. Thier next game will be great.

I would if the deep investigation or the results of it caused some acquisitions to stop?


Oh man I hope this game gets Series X enhancements. Let the jankiness begone!

DLC would be amazing

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Yes in the interview when he means DLC he didn’t mean small stuff but kind of bid stuff expansion and all. Also thanks to CohhCarnage asking Brian to make a Wasteland 4 I’m all with him. Wasteland 3 is an incredible game I’m still on it and discovering so many new things. A new Wasteland only next gen with MS backing taking full advantage of the XSX oh my…

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First thing that came into my mind. It can be a process to filter out someone like Quantic Dream, but perhaps it’s just inventoring stuff.

I think his team should do one of two things (or even both!). Either take Wasteland full AAA and go for the Fallout gold, let’s be honest I think they can do it and give Bethesda a run for their money easily.

Either that or they do something entirely new in a Sci Fi setting a la Mass Effect trilogy style. The team just has so much potential, their storytelling chops are incredible.


Yes I vote for the 1st option!

I never thought of Phil helping to debug a game. Thats pretty cool


He has a technical background and started at MS as a developer

This is kind of gross.


A company the size of Microsoft is going to want details on EVERY little detail before purchasing another company. They will want to avoid any type of legal issue.

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