Insider Gaming leaks next id Software game's title


Finally, some positive dooming!


Rip and tear in the dark ages.


We’re getting Hexen but Doom


Phil’s shirts never lie


Eternal is amazing so let’s FUCKING GO! Wonder if it could actually release this year.

That being said, i hope not much else leaks. Maybe it soon will be time for a break.


I’m pretty happy with what is rumored to be shown off at the Showcase. Honestly I’m just happy with this, Gears 6 and Black Ops 6 so if anything else interests me like a State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark of Fable showing that would just be icing on the cake.

Also this sounds like an amazing setting for a DOOM game.

I hate leaks… hate them. However, I won’t even blame Tom Henderson here.

It was Tom Warren who spoiled this for me when he wrote about the layoffs.

“Microsoft will be banking on some new game announcements lifting the Doom around Xbox.”

Didn’t even lowercase Doom and put it in italics.

Thanks to Google the job is getting clicks, so this will never stop.


Cool. Always thought it was another DOOM. I would have gone with Doom Und\ I /ing to riff on the Eternal motif.

Oh man…it sounds so fuckin’ cool! my man Hugo Martin is cooking another masterpiece! can’t wait to see id tech in action on the Series consoles. :partying_face:


Neat. Doom Eternal didn’t appeal to me much but this sounds like it could be cool. Personally I will be hoping for a return to more “meat and potatoes” FPS gameplay without the complicated movement mechanics etc.

I really need to get more time.

I have yet to really play through the latest Doom Eternal series. The prior Doom series I probably only made it a couple episodes in. I heard the gameplay between those two series are different enough, where latest really requires you to keep on moving and doing executions for ammo.

Do we have any confidence in how this new Doom game will play? It’s probably going to feel like the latest series, right?


For me Eternal was…eternally better than 2016. That one started to feel very repetitive after a while and I had nothing but an amazing time with Eternal. As for the new one, we see a sword so that should shake up the combat a little for sure. But I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy guns we also get.

This setting sounds awesome


Never played Doom 2016 but loooooved the game play loop of Eternal.


It’s hard to go back to 2016 after Eternal. But 2016 was one of my favorite FPS until Eternal came out, even though I had to adjust my expectations a bit.

This new one will probably be one of my most anticipated game.


Why not start now?

2016 Doom is only like 12-15 hours to beat.

On Gamepass so won’t cost extra if already have Gamepass.

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