Infinity Ward has added 120fps support to Call of Duty: Warzone on XSX but not PS5

"Infinity Ward has added 120fps support to Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox Series X.

The support, which was not mentioned in [Modern Warfare’s latest patch notes published this week or on social media, [was spotted by players] as they tested the battle royale on Microsoft’s new console.

The Microsoft Store listings for both Warzone and Modern Warfare mention 120fps."





So far, squadron and warfare.


I wonder what it is about the engines that makes it easier to do this on XSX but not PS5. And likewise for the Ubisoft titles that have edge in other direction.

It didn’t receive a Optimized for Series X|S badge, though. Maybe they just unlocked the framerate?

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Oooooh. Good point!

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Hey, don’t be like that. This isn’t the place for console wars. Both consoles have their pros and cons.


Modern Warfare, the full game with Warzone, have the X|S badge. It is not clear what has been done to the game though.


Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of the game tile with the X|S badge, but it does not show when I filter my game collection nor when I check the game’s store page. Really don’t know what’s going on.

Edit: When I check the file info on my library it shows as “X1XE” (as in One X enhanced). Meanwhile, when I check a game like Valhalla or any officially optimized title, it shows “Gen9”.

When I download a optimized title, it also shows “Gen:Scarlett” and “AppModel:GDK”. Modern Warfare on the other hand shows “Gen:Durango” and “AppModel:XDK”. Nonetheless, I’m downloading the full game to see if the info changes.

That’s weird. They added the badge since the last update and it was visible even before downloading the update.

Maybe your Xbox didn’t get that Series X version but instead the One X update, although I don’t know how that’s possible.

I also confirm that the game can still be installed on an external HDD (pffeeww !!), so that’s not the problem.

Could you kindly take a picture of the game’s file info? You just need to go to the game tile on your “My games and apps”, press Start and choose file info.

I’m really trying to understand what is going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like MS made it easy to detect running on the Series S or X even if you are making a Xbox One game. So devs can unlock settings and framerate rather easy in this case with only some lines of code and a patch without using the nextgen devkit.

and rocket league


I can’t right now. What do you want to know ?

I see :

FullName:iw8Submission-EN-FR_1.0.37.10516_x64__ht1qfjb0gaftw ContentId:bca4159f etc

ProductId:758effe etc Appmodel:XDK; Gen:Durango ConsoleType : XboxOneGen9Aware; IsPreIndewed:False; X1XE; Genre:Shooter; TitleId:24574A4B

That’s exactly the info I needed, thanks!

Optimized games show the following info:

  • Appmodel:GDK
  • Gen:Scarlett
  • ConsoleType:XboxGen9

Modern Warfare is definitely not optimized, since it is running a XDK file from the Durango gen (Xbox One codename).

On the other hand, its ConsoleType was updated to XboxOneGen9Aware. Xbox One games normally show ConsoleType:XboxOne, so there is definitely something going on.


Interesting. It already feels amazingly smooth on Series X. I was going to ask if they’d done anything. As even playing on my 1080p monitor it felt different.

Ok, I finished downloading the game.

While it still shows a XDK file with a Durango tag, it now shows as Optimized in my downloaded games lists. But when I filter the optimized games on my game library, it still shows as a Xbox One game.

I don’t know if it is a server-side thing taking its time to refresh the information or what.

It appears that devs can make minor tweaks to BC games to take better advantage of the new hardware. These Gen9Aware games look to be BC games with additional enhancements. You can play them on an external drive as well


This is what Richard said in his BC video, that Microsoft is leaving it up to developers to release a patch to make games ‘aware’ of the increased horsepower. In CoD case it seems IW just lifted the frame rate cap and set it to 120fps.

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Yeah, Ms said that to DF. Even without being optimized they have apis to know if they are running in SX or SS and can enable even higher settings or unlock fps/resolution