'INFINITY STRASH: DRAGON QUEST - THE ADVENTURE OF DAI' Slashes its Way to PC and Xbox Series Consoles September 28

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Developers SQUARE ENIX, GameStudio Inc., and KAI GRAPHICS INC and publisher SQUARE ENIX have announced the worldwide release of INFINITY STRASH: DRAGON QUEST – THE ADVENTURE OF DAI, the action role-playing game based on the DRAGON QUEST – Dai no Bouken anime that aired way back in 1989. Players will take on the role of Dai and his growing group of allies as he fights to save the world from the Dark Lord Hadlar and his army of monsters. The game will cover the humble beginnings all the way to episode 41 of the anime (of the 100 episodes that were released).

Have a gander at the release date trailer, screenshots, and game description below. INFINITY STRASH will be available on the Windows Store and Xbox Series consoles respectively and can be pre-ordered right here. Full cloud save support between both platforms according to the store page descriptors.

The legendary DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai manga and anime arrives as an exhilarating action RPG! Relive the events of the anime in INFINITY STRASH as you take charge of Dai and the Disciples of Avan in their battle against the Dark Army!

Bond Memories: These items recreate iconic scenes from the original manga. Earn and equip them to augment your abilities according to your playstyle. Temple of Recollection: Play through over 100 room combinations in the endless dungeon, where monsters and traps change each time you enter. Hack and slash through hordes of enemies to reach the final floor.

[STORY] It has been many years now since The Hero restored peace to the land… In a world tormented by the forces of evil, a swordsman and his companions set out to defeat Hadlar, the Dark Lord.

DAI BOUKEN Store Description


Game looks pretty low budget. I just hope this means xbox version of DQ12.

New footage, demo

I do wonder if it’s solely combat. I’d like there to be some towns, villages to visit with people and stuff.

It’s obviously a budget game. Looks like another Dragon Quest Heroes (DQ Dynasty Warriors). In this video you see them select a mission from a map screen (also, they seem to be playing it with an Xbox controller, looking at the button prompts)

I’m more excited to see MS doing something with DQ than I am to see this game specifically hitting the platform, as it should mean Xbox will get DQ12 and DQ3 HD if it’s not a Switch timed exclusive. This game might be a wait for sale or skip for me. They need to show more interesting gameplay. Also it’s out the same day as my most anticipated game, Ys X, lol.

Not to mention it’s in Starfield month. Assuming it’s truly a lock finally this time, which I want to believe it is.