An object selection to help set up Infection on your map.

The green area objects have the label “Infection Include” and the red area “Infection Exclude”. These labels don’t have localization in Forge yet so they will show <none> as the label name, but they are there and on every single object the label is in the first label spot so DO NOT CHANGE THE FIRST LABEL TO ANYTHING OTHERWISE THE INFECTION OBJECT LABEL WILL NOT WORK.

Since we cannot set these Infection labels manually ourselves, you need to replace already existing counterparts of these objects on your map if you want to have these Infection labels on them. The bottom 3 labels can be whatever you desire.

The UNSC Level Start Floor object’s size can be changed in the object properties. The largest dynamic variant for it is 256x4x256. You can use this object to block light from entering areas and thus affect the lighting on your map dynamically by relying on reflections that generate on game start.

If you want any of these objects to show up in all gamemodes, just change the first label to something and then change it back to <none>.


Eagle = Defenders/Spartans (blue)
Cobra = Attackers/Infected (red)

The mode is based on FFA, so add bots to the FFA team if you want bots.

Spartans prioritize spawning on Team Intro objects labelled to Eagle team
Infected prioritize spawning on Initial Spawn Points labelled to Cobra team

Add at least 4 Initial Spawn Points for Infected
Add 6 Team Intro objects for Eagle team to support a full lobby (Team Intro Line Right was not present in the dev maps, so Front and Left are the only variants for now)

No ETA on when we will get the Infection labels in Forge so this is your best bet until then if you want to not make a standalone Infection variant for your map.