In the market for a new tv

This weekend I might buy a new TV so I want to get some opinions. First off I don’t want it to cost an arm and leg lol #cheap. Aiming for the price range around $500 to $700. I’ve been on a 32" Samsung for years so pretty much anything would be a massive jump to finally unlock the true potential of my Series X. What size TV should I get too? Space will not be an issue. I’m leaning towards 55" or 65" :thinking:

The options I’ve put on the table myself are pictured below.

Samsung - 50" Class 8 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV

If you’re in the States, it’s hard to pass up the TCL R6 series, either 55" or 65" series. The R635 is newest model, R625 is 2020, R615/R617 is 2019. They’re best budget sets out there.

But if you want to truly unlock the SeriesX potential you’ll need to spend $$$ for the LG CX or LG C1 OLED sets.

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Do those TCLs have VRR? I hear that’s all the rage these days. Yeah, those LGs are pretty nice. Maybe eventually I can upgrade to one of those.

I personally have the Samsung Q60R 43 inch and I’m very glad I got it.

Once you go OLED black, you can’t go back.

There is no comparison that matches up to an OLED TV


Is the site to use for reviews if you haven’t checked them out already.

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Looks like mixed results, one page says it does not have HDMI 2.1 inputs, which would be a pass for me. But it’s a good set for TV and Movie viewing.

Being an owner of the LG E6, I can testify that once you go OLED, it is difficult to go back from those black levels.

The Vizios have very good reviews to be honest and the people I know that have owned them really liked the picture quality. However, reliability is really all over the place with people I know exchanging their TVs 2-3 times and failing after after a few years (always outside of warranty range). I can’t speak to the TCL’s reliability but for the Vizios, considering the failure rate (although it’s all anecdotal on my part) I personally wouldn’t buy one even though it’ll be an incredible TV for the price as long as it works.

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For that budget I think the new Hisense or last year Hisense TVs are your best bet. H9G is last years and is $750 for 55 inch I believe on Amazon.

Go with the biggest screen size that’s in your budget, imo. 55 should be fine, and you won’t really be getting a 65 inch at that price point that has all the HDMI 2.1 features.

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What I’ve learned is TV shopping is soul crushing lol Its a total first world problem. Samsung hasn’t done me dirty yet so I might just get one of theirs. Maybe a Hisense. Like I could up my budget to $1K but I really don’t want too.

Update I got a Sony Bravia :achievement:

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I hope you’re happy with it.

They never made my list because their models lacked support for VRR or 120 Hz when I did my research. This says they still don’t support VRR yet: Which TV models support features that are specified in the HDMI 2.1 standard? | Sony USA

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First impressions are pretty good. I just have to relearn playing games from farther away now. :joy: its nice that my Xbox Series X isn’t going through an hdmi splitter and el Gato too.

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