Impressions | Palworld (Early Access on Game Pass)


Thanks for the impressions, Gonna try it out later today after all the hype, Fun to see something Xbox related on Gamepass take off like this even if Xbox just got lucky with their involvement with the game.

Also funny to see the slat because something like this blew up over the weekend and is not in any way shape or form sony related.

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This game sucked up a huge portion of my weekend. I have absolutely zero experience with Pokemon games and very little with crafting games, so the systems were largely unfamiliar to me, but I caught on quickly enough.

I played solo for quite a bit (in an online world) and my adult son joined me to play together for several hours on Saturday.

The game is definitely a little janky, and I had a few crashes and bugs, but overall it was great fun. It’s one of those “just one more thing” games that can really suck the time away.

My character is level 20 now and my base is (I think) level 10. I have been stuck on a couple of specific things needed to upgrade my base further. I probably need to check online to see how to do them.

Highly recommended if you have any interest in cute monsters, crafting, base building, exploration, etc.


Clearly the game is in Game Preview, so its got a lot of time to polish up before launch. With that said, this game absolutely took over most of my weekend.

I’m not a huge fan of survival games, but being able to tweak the in-game setting’s is super helpful to making those mechanics less irritating.

Excited to see where this one goes. Already got the 100% too, but got plenty of buddies I’ll be helping to get there as well.


Great first impressions @Doncabesa - thanks. I see its got a PEGI 7 rating and my 7yo wants to play but from your write up i have reservations. Any thoughts on whether its suitable for younger ones (acknowedging all kids/families are different and i probably just need to try it myself and assess)

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It’s always “family friendly” feeling even while you are doing legitimately evil things. If that makes sense? It’s never “dark” in tone, just in the reality of your actions.

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Thanks! Sounds like i should give it a go first and see. He’s a sensitive lad so either getting him to wait or having a conversation first might be best. Appreciate the response!

The 6 year old on the other hand would probably love the violence and chaos - hes a different kettle of fish altogether :joy:

Appreciate the response.

Yeah played a feat amount this weekend and got my character to around level 25ish and base i can’t remember. Just know to upgrade further i need to get to low 30s to unlock the items i need to upgrade the base again.

Built my first base by the start and finally found a place to put a second base and built that up. But found issues with the first base that i tried to fix in the second by spacing things or to help with pathing. But find out building my stone base with multiple floors has caused issues with them getting stuck on the upper floors and not coming down.

Also my second base is on a elevated flat area which is nice but missed part of the circle that went off the edge. Issue there is pals will go over the edge and get stuck there so got to go pick them up and throw them back in. Granted that spot is nice because when the AI attacks they get stuck there so i can just mow them down.

Over all fun game but the bugs can really make it annoying. Big time pals not attacking when summoned which turns into trying to dodge attacks and hoping your pal decides it time to attack.

I find it weird that something great like Dragon Quest Builders 2 is such a niche, and something like this blows up.

Is it just because of the ‘Pokemon with assault rifles’ ?

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I don’t know, but usually these surprise huge launches happen because they “intercept” several people trends: in this case you have Ark with Pokémon, two gigantic brands which meet in one game.

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Interesting how this game blew up

How’s the Xbox performance?

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Although odd to review an early access, even they can’t hide the fact the game is fun.

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It’s fine to review something once people are having to pay for it

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Point taken. Even so, this game is like you said, it’s better than it has any right to be.

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