Immortals: Fenyx Rising Review Thread

Same lmao.

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Definition of a divisive game this. Serious reviewers giving it 9 plus whilst at the same time some giving it 4. And ultimately both arguing passionately re their points.

Games are often called divisive when in reality they just attract a lot of middling views and it’s just a difference in emphasis. But here this truly seems divisive.

In hindsight, I kinda wish I didn’t buy+complete Valhalla and got this instead. Oh well, kinda enjoyed Valhalla but if it was worth the money is questionable.

Out of all the games I’ve put 100 hours in, it would definitely be in the lower tier for story. This on the other hand seems to have real personality and from what SkillUp said - something different.

I would say there’s no reason to buy this game right away with Christmas sales being about 2 - 3 weeks away. Unless of course you don’t care and are willing to pay full price then go ahead.

Ok this one convinced me :grimacing: never saw his channel, but he has a great way to explain the game to you. Good job

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80 overall isn’t bad for a Zelda BOTW clone.

I pre-ordered the digital gold edition a week or so ago and very much looking forward to playing it once I get the Series X. Watching gameplay walkthroughs of the opening and whatnot, I want to play it as much as I want to play Valhalla. Really excited for Immortals and im hoping that it sells extremely well as I would like to see it become a franchise which is normally what Ubisoft aims for with nearly every AAA game.

I’m thinking more christmas next year :wink:

Buy the Gold edition for $20 on sale or something. That’s how I usually do it.

Or wait for Gamepass like i now like to do. :grin:

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Haha yes, I have become much more cautious even with sales now thanks to Game Pass. Best deal ever.

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Suggestions for a review which is a good read?

SkillUp and ACG have their reviews up. Respect those guys’ perspective quite a bit. Both seem to like it.