I'm not saying that every game needs to be 60 FPS on the Series X, but shooters need to be held to a different standard

Playing Destiny 2 on Xbox is an absolutely jarring experience especially after playing so much Halo 5 and APEX. Even Rainbow Six Siege somehow runs at 60 FPS.

I get that Destiny 2 probably isn’t as reliant on 60 FPS because its mostly a PvE game with PvP being an afterthought. But holy crap is this game is throwing my timing and response off big time.

I am so glad that it was announced that the Series X/PS5 version of the game will be 4K 60FPS. We CANNOT have any more 30 FPS shooters. That includes primarily single player shooters like Metro Exodus.


I’m thinking the majority of FPS and racing games will be 60FPS or at least have an option for it.

I think every shooter being 60fps going forward is pretty much a given. Like fighting games 60fps is pretty much essential now.

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I feel like the Series X is powerful enough to run pretty much all games at 60fps without it looking bad. They need to have 30fps / 60fps options because it’s clear theres 2 groups of people.

I think the best approach is to leave it up to the developer on how their games run. The best approach would be to offer options like a graphic and performance modes, but if a developer wants to target a solid 30fps with all the bells and whistles these systems can offer then go for it I say.

Thankfully it does seem like more games will target 60fps, but I wonder if that will change as the generation goes on and expectations continue to go up, requiring devs to trade frames for prettier pixels. The push for Ray tracing will also surely have an effect on performance. I bet the 60fps mode for Spider-Man will have RT disabled for example.

This is exactly why I’m strongly considering going full on PC next gen. I played the F2P Destiny 2 on Steam and it really is a night and day difference and if it wasn’t for the Series X Patch I’d probably never touch the game on consoles.

For me personally, Driving/arcade racers, FPS and twitch platformers, should all be 60fps.

I don’t have an issue with really good looking SP titles pushing graphics and having it at 30 but the more 60fps games I play, the harder I find it to go back haha.

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I totally agree with you, while the game is good and has great art direction etc, the gameplay in 30fps is really not precise at all for me, it is too slow and late with my inputs. Feels like I’m stuck in the mud and never in precise control of my movements and aiming. It seems always approximative. Not enough reactive when I come from Halo 5 or other 60fps games.

For me a shooter like Destiny should target at least 60 fps for gameplay purposes it is essential.

I am expecting mostly dynamic 4K@ solid 60fps, dynamic 4K to ensure solid 60fps.

Completely agree. Shooter at 30 fps is just not good.

I do think this is the generation where we see the vast majority of fps going 60fps. It just makes sense for a fps to be 60fps and this generation there shouldn’t be many excuses for developers not to aim for it since the power is there.

I would mention, however, that more fps franchises went for 60fps this gen such as: Halo and Battlefield so the trend has already been going in the right direction.

I doubt there will be any shooters next gen which are lower then 60fps, this gen the majority of them are 60fps, well, they at least try to be.

I agree. I don’t know that i buy into the idea that every game needs to be 60 plus (though it would be nice) certain genres like racers, shooters etc are just better at 60 frames plus to the point of feeling essential

I disagree a tad on your last point. I think atmospheric shooters like Stalker, Metro and even games like RE8 don’t HAVE to be 60fps. They are certainly better as it, but there is something to be said for going for a more cinematic look.

That being said, the graphics and raytracing better blow the cieling off if any MP shooter is not gonna be 60fps, especially crossplaying with PC.

I can forgive more heavily story driven, atmospheric games. Although it would at least be nice to have the option, I don’t see these games as being games that rely heavily on Twitch movement etc. Same with games like Bioshock/Dishonored, maybe not even FPS but first person games in general.

Agreed. I think options should be vital next gen. I am happy to give up Raytracing and/or 4K in some games to ensure 60fps.