IGN: Xbox Series S Game Sizes Will Be Smaller Than on Series X

Shocked I tell ya! :grinning:

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Are you telling me the Series S will have assets specifically meant for it :exploding_head:


This is pretty good as things will download quicker for XSS owners as well as the benefit of fitting more games on.

Cant see all games differentiating assets across the two versions. Most will share same assets I suspect. Like One X and One S do.


This should not come as any surprise. Textures take up over 60% of storage for many games. If the highest MIP level is removed for XSS because it will not render games higher than 1440p, then the texture storage requirement should approximately half compared to XSX games.


Makes sense and this should help mitigate the smaller amount of built-in storage on the Series S.

Funny because we had a conversation about this in another thread. Smart Delivery meant that games on Series S would be smaller because they wouldn’t need those 4K assets to bloat their sizes. Just made too much sense.

Nice, lets see how this will affect load times :smirk:

This got me thinking, I wonder if MS could leverage SFS to remove those mip0’s without devs having to really do it themselves…? Would probably drastically reduce the optimization time/effort/cost for devs making the XSS version.

smart delivery is indeed done by xbox themselves, not the game devs, at least that’s what i remember J Ronald saying

Even if you could do this, it does not change size of game binaries. But, my feel, this is a small optimization compared to all the other optimization that are usually performed. My understanding is that base game is being developed on PC. Then brought over to the devkit and then optimized for XSX first, then further tuned for XSS. This probably explains why so many early look at games were on PC.

makes sense smaller memory smaller game people will get annoyed if they have to download a 100gb game on the xbox series s if there is away to make it smaller for them

It shouldn’t, but some people are…concerned…about only 512GB of storage and not having space to download anything after installing COD.

I’m sure some of that concern is genuine, but Xbox have spoken before about Smart Delivery, so I was a little surprised to see people worried about it. Good to see them pushing that message again today.

Nice… not gonna click the link because no ad money from me to ign but nice

Hmmm. Not sure if that will be true for all games but it’s interesting the 70% of 825 = 577.5🤔

The way that MS is pushing the S, I think they are actually going to have more of that SKU than the X. Especially in markets like LATAM

That’s good. Real good :wink:

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