IGN: "What is Obsidian's Pentiment?"

Sawyer talked about the game having accessibility options and im almost certain it was mentioned that the text could be changed in how it looks

I definitely wasn’t feeling the art at first but im warming up to it

To be honest I think the biggest disappointment is that it’s 2-d, I was going into it expecting more of a crpg style camera, not a deal breaker though

This was one of the most interesting games at the show. However, this:

does not bode well for me. I didn’t like Oxenfree or Night in the Woods at all. Gameplay influenced by games with very little gameplay is certainly a choice. I do love middle ages stuff though and the murder mystery premise is my jam. Game’s going to live or die by the writing, I reckon.

I do like that Xbox lets the devs work on things that are more niche and different like this game. It’s something that probably won’t light the world on fire but it’s a game that Sawyer had a passion to make.

This is probably something he would have to put some thought into but I wonder if he would consider making a sequel if this does well enough. He’s thought about this for 30 years so im sure all of his thoughts and ideas about a game like this are being put into Pentiment.

Wonder if they’ll be open to releasing this natively on mobile (or hell maybe even Switch) later. I just feel it fits much better on there than console tbh

Natively on mobile? Its perfect for xcloud. Very little processsing power and will look great too. Ms dont need to waste time and resources msking nstive mobile games when they have xcloud. Its not like a money maker like minecraft. Im probably going to play pentiment on xcloud anyway

Nintendo…i mean sure if they want but again…you want these games exclusive to bring people to your ecosystem. It would be nice for nintendo to do ms a favour sometimes…like allow bayonetta ports.

Cloud is still not optimal or available to many countries and people, but yeah it probably makes much less of a reason to bother, the game also appears like it would run on any potato laptop out there as well. Though my assumption based on how the game looks, it’s lite and is on Unity, that makes ports much easier tasks. I’m just having these thoughts because there’s a precedence with Ori, but probably doesn’t mean anything.

Ori isnt native on mobile though. Its only onnswitch due to devs wanting it there. I dont think ms should put any of their non Gaas games on. Mobile. Devalues xcloud.

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Pretty sure MS are done with Switch ports outside of the obvious stuff like Minecraft

and yes, with xCloud going bigger and better all the time, a switch port really isn’t needed to say the least

I mean what would you loose with Pentiment on switch? As we know most Xbox/playstation user have a switch as a complementary device. With Pentiment beeing as niche as it is I see a audience on Switch. Also more reach for the game. Historically 2D games doing exceptional on the switch.

Nobody will get a Xbox for Pentiment. Being in gamepass is reason enough. Something like Starfield or Redfall make you buy a console.

Pentiment on Switch will start the whole discussion of which XGS games will release on other platforms … again … for the 100th time.


Who cares. Only those that expect starfield on ps will fall on their face. Besides all this Pentiment sounds great I just wish the game has voiced characters

Typically this is not the type of game I like but I admire the art style and the concept so I would certainly give it a try, glad it is on gamepass and glad MS is giving devs a way to take more risks on non traditional games

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This is a day one play for me. Grew up on Adventure games so this is right up my ally. What I want Game Pass to be is that I get my big game dropping into the service that lasts me a few months and then a few little games that tide me over, which would be this and The Last Case for Benjimin whatever.

I think it would be great if all studios had at least 2 teams, one making the main game and another smaller team making something else. Imagine a world were Bethesda makes ESVI but then also, developing a smaller 6-8 hour fallout game beside it to tide everyone over.

No…just no

Creating an entirely new port for a niche game when it will be available for xbox, pc, every tablet and mobile out there and soon to be TVs, it’s a waste of money

No, people likely wont be buying an xbox just to play pentiment but what exactly do you gain by putting it on switch? A few extra sales for like you said, a very niche game, if xbox cared about those extra sales they’d be putting their big games on other consoles too

That is absolutely not worth the trouble of people inevitably coming out with, “well you’re putting your games on other consoles now, when is ‘x’ coming to switch/playstation”

As for the “it’s niche, just put it on there” like I said, Xbox has by far the cheapest and accessible ecosystem to get into now, that niche audience can easily find a way to play it without needing a switch or a playstation


It’s also devaluing the game. “It’s not a system seller”, er ok. Game Pass needs both big and small games and it’s the sum of the whole that is the selling point of Xbox.


This I was gonna reply but you said it best

As much as gamepass is looking at games like redfall and starfield as the big draws Smaller games keep people subbed to gamepass and create great mini communities you see a bunch of times. I always looked at rain in your parade who said in the first 2 weeks they had 500 k people who played it.

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Not to mention, the only reason Ori even came to switch is because Moon was incredibly adamant about it, and then their leadership talked shit about Microsoft afterwards… Ori was a one off. I dont go to OtherEra, haven’t for a long time, but, unless they deleted it, you could probably still find Mahler’s deranged rant there.


Yeah, I saw it posted here I think. Let’s just say that is one partnership I’m glad ended and good riddance.

Its an absolutely pointless discussion as its not coming to switch.

Ms would make way more money porting the banjo hd games and other rare games to switch than a random indie noone on switch will give a toss about. Disco elysium came to switch. Noone bought it.

Pentiment would do better staying in the gamepass ecosystem

Maybe in 3 years we see a port to switch 2.

I hope Pentiment launches with touch controls.

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