IGN: "What is Obsidian's Pentiment?"

I hope they release this game for Android/iOS.

Or Inkulinati



I wouldn’t say I am dismissing it because it’s 2D some of my favorite games are 2D like Ori and Cuphead. I am dismissing it because the art style is just bleh.

i think the disco elysium comparison threw off a lot of people, including me. That game had some of the best art direction in recent memory, and it was hard to live up to that either way, but nonetheless this looked way different in my head haha, but I know it will have a great narrative core, that’s a given, I’m just not particularly drawn to the presentation. It’s kinda like with Project Omen, when that was leaked, people expected a game where you played as the vampire with Dishonored like gameplay, but it turned out that actually the vampire fantasy is for the enemy fodder in the game, while you are relegated to a quippy college kid with some guns and abilities lol

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I feel this game shows the pitfalls of leaks, as I do not know anyone else, but I had a different image in my head as to what this game would look like and it was completely the opposite lol.

But hearing Sawyer actually give details first hand and not via leaks, and it sounds super niche but cool.

The core mechanics sound cool.

I agree. People expected Disco Elysium visually (because Jez said that).

And I see Sawyer took a slight swipe at that assertion lol.

Jez never said that, Jez said it was the art style it was and showed concept art of the style in his original article. He does mention though that Grubb likened it to Disco Elysium

Reading a bit more about it and yeah, it does sound very interesting. I don’t like the way it looks/are presented though, and that’s what threw me off at first. I’ll give it a try though.

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Reminds me of The Procession of Cavalry which was a great game. Funny game too.

I loved that game, it was silly and hilarious. The style suited that game perfectly, of course.


I keep meaning to try out the developers other games too, they’re all on Steam but hoping they come to Xbox. If it is a quick and entertaining game like that though, I’d be more than happy

Listening to a german podcast about Pentiment with Josh Sawyer as a guest.

  • studied at a university the history of the holy roman empire. Has family in Bavaria, Germany and Austria.

  • after playing Darklands in 92 Josh Sawyer wanted to make a historical game.

  • gameplay influenced by Oxenfree, Mutazione, Nights in the Woods.

  • Pentiment is not similar to Disco Elysium

  • He visited upper Bavaria

  • movies which inspired him: Andrej Rubljow, The name of the rose

  • the player don’t know if the choices they made are the right one. In this century is was typical not to know if your action was right or wrong. You have to life with the consequences.

  • story is very dynamic. The consequences of your choices will hopefully have an impact many years later in the game. Game starts in the year 1518 and ends around 1543.

  • art style is a combination of high middle age, late middle age and early modern period.

  • game is not for everyone, but that’s okay. Team was around 13 people.

  • you can play this game without any historical education and knowledge. Tooltips are in the game to explain some things.

  • gameplay: different kinds of “mini” games, but nothing repetitive.

Listening to the podcast while driving home so I hope I don’t write something wrong.


The art direction is fine. Didnt like the way the text appears. Might get annoying to read

between 15-20 hours to complete the game it’s quite a big game and i think it will have a nice replay value if we want to explore more choices.

I definitely love art

I also like that the game takes place over a period of 25 years and we see the characters grow old

A big GOTY contenders for me Josh Sawyer is a Genius.


Hoping to play it at native 8K120fps on Series X. :joy:

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It would be nice if it had touch controls

Ship of fools.


If god of war doesn’t come out this year id bet this becomes the highest rated exclusive game of 2022

Probably tlou remake. We all know the biased loving NAughty dog get.

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