IGN Reader interest in Xbox Series X before and after the Bethesda deal

On the latest episode of IGN’s Next-Gen Console Watch 2020 they show reader interest in the Xbox Series X before and after the Bethesda news. These polls get a lot of traffic compared to twitter polls. What is more interesting than the gains on Series X is how many more are interested in owning both now.

After Buyout:

Before Buyout:


Their franchises move the needle.

It seems like Xbox is getting a lot of media attention right now as well. They’re sending out consoles for preview rather early. Sony has been quiet by comparison and have had a few stumbles as of late…


This is only the beginning I think, there will be a lot of change in mindshare assuming MS play their cards right.

I’ve always held the opinion that if Xbox ever got the full backing of its parent company they would easily be the industry leaders.


All makes a lot of sense the Bethedsa news was literally everywhere.

Had people talking about it at work which was very surprising to me. Normally if we talk about games it is what we play rather than the news that has come out on the day.

Also if Bethedsa’s IP’s go exclusive as I expect them to apart from their GAAS games then it definitely will move the needle long term as well.

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Don’t care how much people want to downplay this acquisition, but Bethesda is a big deal. I know Fallout 76 and other games didn’t perform that well, but their mainline IPs are some of the biggest in the industry. I don’t think console gamers want to miss out on any mainline Fallout or Elder scrolls, and I feel Starfield will be just as big. Plus icing on the cake is the other studios Zenimax owns, and I haven’t even mentioned gamepass yet.

Xbox becoming true home for shooters and western RPGs for consoles is going to be massive for how many join ecosystem this gen


The only thing keeping the needle from moving more is the fact that we’re likely still a few years out from the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. If one of those was on the horizon for next year, there would be a watershed.


Definitely, only when all the ads for Starfield, Elder Scrolls show up as being Xbox then it will create a huge amount of interest.


There’s a reason why deals like this happen maybe once every 20 years, It is extremely hard to acquire something of this magnitude in gaming. If it was that easy, MS and Sony would have bought all these publishers in the last decade.

We won’t see another acquisition of this size for years. I am still shocked Xbox now owns Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Dishonored, The Evil Within, Prey. I bet Ghostwire will be another great franchise in the making and Starfield is going to be a massive game.

in swift move, Xbox now has the best first part line up in the industry.


If this sentiment translates to purchases, specially for 2 year on, then xbox would be in great position. Also, generally a subscription service like Gamepass tend to have a lot of stickiness, people don’t unsubscribe that often once subscribed. This just emphasizes the importance of Gamepass, and provide both a lower end console for price sensitive customer and also the top performing console for core gamers.

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% for Xbox went up, and sony went down. This generation is going to be so interesting. :slight_smile:

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And this is why…

They stay at Xbox and PC :slight_smile:

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My monster PC and Series X is ready for Game Pass


How come Xbox doesn’t advertise on TV? I’ve been watching playoffs baseball every day now and I see a like 2 PlayStation ads like 5 times an hour, I can’t remember the last time I saw an Xbox ad on TV at all, feels like it’s been years, I thought MS would turn it up with a new gen coming.

lol because TV advertising is the least effective method to spend advertising dollars on. Targeted ads online, YouTube reviewers, online media is MUCH more effective. For what its worth though, Cyberpunk was advertising during the NBA finals with Series X|S featured.

They’re also spending marketing dollars on real world campaigns like Taco Bell, Cereal boxes, Monster Energy drinks but don’t expect TV ads, that avenue is not the wisest way to spend on reach.

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Xbox has marketing for Cyberpunk and Valhalla. There will be so many ads in a month that you won’t be able to avoid them lol


Ah ok didn’t know about the NBA finals ad, that’s good, I understand all of that but I think they should advertise on TV more as well, a few weeks ago there was a PS5 logo all over a soccer finals match on TV (forgot the teams) and those usually have millions watching.

I hope so!

I think a year from now sales will be pretty even.

If this was even remotely close, ie like PS3/360 gen, then one of the parties is in serious trouble.

I’m still in shock of this deal, this was such a massive gain by MS. It’s basically a 7.5 billion dollar investment into Game Pass.

Sure Phil, take my $300 dollars for 3 years of Game Pass after a monstrous move like this.

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