[IGN Japan] Kamiya would like a second chance at Scalebound

Using translate on Safari:

Recently, there has been a big movement in the market, such as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but because of this timing, collaboration with Microsoft, which had been discontinued before. Are you thinking about retrying Le “Scalebound” or reviving it as a self-publish?

Inaba: Kamiya always wants to do “Scalebound” as for “Scalebound”. It’s not a beautiful feeling like “someday I have a chance~”, Kamiya and I really want to do it. That’s why you want to have a proper discussion with Microsoft.

Kamiya: There are quite a few deliverables, and it can’t be helped if Microsoft has it, so I want to do something about it (laughs) Phil! let’s do it together!”

This goes to show the effect of having the biggest seller in Call of Duty exclusive to your platform will do - bring in attention from developers who would otherwise not worry about putting their game on your platform.

I expect more and more developers will want to release games on Xbox now


If I’m Phil I’ll do this under 1 condition. Kamiya gets all the resources he needs BUT PG can only work on this game. No split teams, no other projects norhing else but full support to Xbox.

And if that goes well and the game turns out good Phil can buy them and expand the teams, staff up. Organic growth baby.


Xbox has so much stuff going on now, I wouldn’t mind if they got another chance at it.


Watch them fund their new live service game with the money (PS5 exclusive) and make half a Scalebound again.


I’m ok with this.


Kamiya and platinum were incompetence personified with scalebound… no reason for Microsoft to try again.

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There are cons and pros. Cons:

_ Platinum is not geared for AAA development, their one and only attempt, Scalebound itself, was a catastrophe;

_ the game was a mess all the time during the development, there is almost nothing to salvage;

_ they let people blame MS for years and then told the full truth only last year;

_ they avoided Xbox like the plague after that one, I mean, even the cheap TW101 with lame excuses, it’s not a great starting point, it makes seem they are only after MS billions because even them heard the ripple effects of ABK deal.


_ Xbox has still a ludicrous Japan position, even accounting for lip services we are constantly told and “hundreds of developers”, one exclusive game from a storied studio wouldn’t be bad, considering there won’t be many japanese Xbox games for years and years even if tomorrow Xbox buys SEGA.

There are more cons than pros, it’s difficult Phil would make a move without some kind of assurance and that kind of protective policy can arrive only from an acquisition, I doubt they’ll trust them again for an external and hands-off partnership.


From what iv read it wasn’t just Platinum’s fault

It was a mix of Platinum being in over their head with something so big, xbox and platinum wanting different things/expectations of what the game should have and the language barrier, xbox at the time didnt have things in place to accomodate Japanese devs

None of this should be a surprise considering how incredibly mismanaged everything as in the earl/mid XB1 days

If he wants to do it I say let him go fo it, MS can support him much better now than they did before and Platinum can likely learn from there mistakes and know what to avoid if they did it again

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What if xbox used Tango to help PG in making scalebound ( or scalebound reboot ) .

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They are not going to force tango into this.


Platinum Games fell off. Going to be a mess again because they are still working on too many games.

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Revive Sacalebound in collaboration with Capcom (Dragon’s Dogma team)

Not all of tango , just 20 or something people (maybe even less ) . Just like what Sony did with Studio Japan and FromSoftware for Bloodborne . I think this will help in overcoming the language barrier .


And that would be fantastic news. Overall the ABK deal for me personally is not that huge, I don’t care much for CoD anymore for years and I’m mostly curious about what the CoD support studios will be making instead. But if this deal can actually make other studios sway more towards Xbox, or at least bother trying to release their games…awesome.

This could also mean that Sony won’t have such an easy time anymore making games timed exclusive. One can hope. And Asian studios who wouldn’t really bother with Xbox just now might.


I would absolutely love to see something like this work out, but I have doubts Platinum are in a better place these days to pull it off this time.

Maybe start with building some good will by porting over The Wonderful 101 for Xbox Series and putting it in Game Pass?



If this even happened. I doubt we would hear about it or see it until the year it was released.

I’m always fascinated over how this could be an issue for a multi-trillion dollar company. "Guys, they speak Japanese! We’re screwed! Game over!"


Yeah, considering also MS has a japanese venture since the 80s and strong ties with many companies, also the MSX was a collaboration between MS and ASCII (bought by Kadokawa and dissolved), etc…they simply didn’t invest enough outside a few attempts in 360 era, it’s not rocket science.


I’ll go with last @Klobrille tweet’s on this one: Xbox in a better position now

Come on Phil! Very easy, just pick the call.