IGN: How Gears 5 proves its a beast

This is really good from IGN, this is the first of their performance analysis videos and I was surprised how good it was. It contains frame-rate analysis, comparisons between Xbox One/One X/Series X, use of VRS, and comments from the Coalition on making the game.

In the video, IGN say have taken their inspiration from Digital Foundry so keep an eye on them for more of this stuff, their next video will focus on PS5 and Spider-man.


This game is so sharp, it’s like I changed my glasses. The side effect is that other games looks so blurry now.

VRS is the real gamechanger. I’m blown away. And GI on top of that make this game a looker. And I played it on Xbox One X, but on Series X it is worlds apart in clarity !


Proof that The Coalition is a top notch developer. They can work magic with that Unreal Engine.


I knew this game looked better from the opening of Chapter 1, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Now I know. More veg! More of…everything really.

Makes me wish 343 would dump their Slipstream engine and jump over to Unreal already, it looks like most of XGS are using it anyway. I suspect Halo Infinite would have made its release date if it used Unreal.

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Can’t wait to see Gears 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love how everyone is just copying DF’s frame rate graph.

That seems to be the one game where SX performed within the expectations as a constant native 4k on ultra and locked 60fps is out of reach even for a 2080ti. Let alone with settings above that.

I wonder if Coalition had access to a new GDK version to get it done or if they were working with the same as everyone else.

The Xbox One S/X version was already superb as well. I think their ability to optimize the Unreal engine is top notch.

I really want to see the coalition let loose on something not gears related.

They are wizards.