If you purchased BC games that were accidentally relisted, you can still play them on your Xbox 360

So I found out something mildly interesting. If you picked up any of the delisted games from the re-listing error. Even though they won’t work on your Xbox One via BC. They work fine on the Xbox 360.

I had picked up Pure and Silent Hill: Downpour. Last night I hooked up my Xbox 360 to check some stuff, I saw they were on my purchase history and decided to download them. Checked this morning and they worked just fine. I went back to the Xbox One just in case and they won’t work there.

Doubt many have the 360 hooked up still, but if you do and bought some of those, feel free to re-download and play!

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Thanks for the info. I actually use my 360 pretty often. I love the BC on the X1, but it’s a shame that there are still so many games that aren’t included.

One thing I do love is how you can still purchase 360 games via the digital store on the 360. I actually did that the other day and it fortunately had all of my up to date info so I didn’t have to re-enter anything. I hope they keep that going for as long as possible.

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not really related to the above, but I am gathering my GTA IV to be ready for replaying on X, and I cant seem to be able to download the DLC “The ballad of gay Tony” I am 100% sure I have bought this in the past, but I can’t download on xbone x. I am able to download the other DLC though. Anyone knows what’s up with gay tony?

can you recommend some 360 games that are not BC that I can still buy on 360 store? I no there are a lot of disc games but I don’t care for that.

I wouldn’t recommend it necessarily, but I just purchased Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. If you search the 360 store, it’ll say on the game’s icon/picture whether it’s available to play on the Xbox One. It actually helps a lot.

I have a similar thing with Red Faction 2

For some reason there was an issue with Red Faction back when it went GwG and I couldn’t attach it on Xbox One.

Attached it just fine on 360 and it works.

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