If RYSE 2 were happening, what the plot would be about?

A prequel around Emperor August? A MMO open world trying to conquer the world? Maybe a tale from Troy or Sparta?

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I suppose you wanted a Ryse: Son of Rome image there? :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic: I think MS should’ve used Crytek and the IP to further explore historical action games. So, keep the genre but improve on the gameplay and depth. But, I also understand why MS won’t make sequels for a game that didn’t do great critically and commercially. Right now, I think the IP is dead.

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Back when Ryse was first announced I always liked the idea of them making multiple games based in different time periods. Spartan Warrior was the one I was most interested in

Yeah, that’s sad considering is still one of the best looking games even before One X Enhanced Games.

Gameplay wise was not an innovation but still, fun to play and stick around the story

That title is cursed. Like Fan4stic.

Troy would be cool.

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Omg that title. I couldn’t leave it. I couldn’t

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Weren’t there rumors of a medieval themed sequel at one point a while back?

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@Shpeshal_Nick it wasn’t a typo. i intended to write RY2E :joy:

Oh I know. But it was destroying me looking at it


I recall hearing that they intended to have many uprising stories across multiple different Empires and that the second one would be on medieval England.

Was that a thing or am I imaginating things?

They wanted to do a King Arthur’s tale involving dragons.

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Oh that would be amazing. Everything gets automatically better when you add dragons.

This could be a franchise with so much potential. Can’t believe they’re sitting on it. I heard MS went to Cytek and offered to fund development of a sequel but also wanted to buy the IP. Cytek refused. This was also when Crytek was going through money woes and sold off Far Cry to Ubisoft. It doesn’t make logical sense then why they didn’t want to make a deal with MS.

Ryse: Knights of England. daydreams

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Make Ryse 2 but it’s in the age of mythology universe with a 10 chapter campaign for each race and a firefight arena mode


Ryse was really good and I never understood the shit it got. It was a good title. I would def buy a sequel.

id be down for it to just change setting but keep the inclusion of mythology.

RYSE: Son of England.

RYSE: Son of Athens.

RYSE: Daughter of Egypt.

RYSE: Son of Tsushima 0.0 etc etc

Whatever happened to this? I’m guessing it was just a name trademark for a future game that didn’t end up being made. Would love a Ryse sequel at some point.

2 years ago from Mike Ybarra (now vice president at Blizzard)

I remember him too, Son of Rome is still my favourite Xbox One game, and the most impressive (with Gears 4/5).


Ryse of Temujin.