If one where to judge solely by Twitter one would think that Xbox got destroyed yesterday

If one where to judge by Twitter one would think that Xbox got destroyed yesterday solely by announcing

checks notes

A FF16 timed release that if you follow a minimum of gaming news you would know was gonna happen and a God of War title card saying 2021 which I think will be pushed to March 2022 in the end.

Im not gonna lie because the Sony presentation was really well made like everything they do but nothing really was out of the ordinary or unexpected. If anything everything that has come out post the event has been a mess.

Oh man for real. But looking into the community deeper, the twitter trolls are just saying to say it…and you can just FEEL the high emotions int heir tweets lol

Don’t forget the entire pre-order fiasco

Honestly speaking, not remotely from a console war narrative, the entire ordeal yesterday was so disappointing.

  • Demon’s soul *also on pc debacle. That was such a huge miscommunication. It’s like they wanted give a ton of people false hope just because

  • FFXVI timed exclusive. Square Enix is not a first party dev team by sony. Paying extra money to keep it off of other platforms is just sad.

  • Miles Morales and Forza backwards compatibility. This is fantastic. However it makes their entire “We believe in generations” narrative straight up false. It’s clear they did that just to spite MS’s statement on bc.

  • DMC V SE receiving raytracing before other platforms. This was the weirdest moneyhat I’ve ever seen.

  • GOW announcement. I was planning on getting a PS5 later just for GOW. But I find their 2021 launch window to be very shady. The reveal didn’t have any in game footage or anything of that sort. I find it very unlikely this will release in 2021.

  • “We won’t start pre-orders on a moments notice” and then yesterday happened. Scalpers had a field day yesterday.

I don’t know how Sony ‘won’ with all these debacles. As a gamer and not a brand loyalist I just found it to be incredibly disappointing. I’ve seen Xbox receive flack for far less.


Focusing in on a small section of the internet really isn’t a good way to judge how people actually feel, and we don’t need a topic to talk about it.

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