If a Twitter link doesn't automatically embed, there is no button to do it manually

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see a media embed button. So when I pasted this link to the forum, it didn’t embed automatically which left me with no option to do it myself.

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Yeah, earlier I’ve made a thread with a Streamable embed link which automatically did the magic, then a second Twitter link which didn’t get embedded and I have no idea how to do it either.

Just noticed.

@Sikamikanico can you check this when you have time, probably this should be enabled (looking at rich embeds part):

@SuikerBrood @FairyEmpire I don’t think there is a specific way to manually embed tweets, it should just work, you paste the link and it will embed/one box automatically. Looks like Twitter changed some API’s at the beginning of June, so some extra integration needs to be done from our end to make it smooth.

I tried to do this last night, but despite all the keys being correct, it was still throwing an error out.

Will have to investigate further tonight/tomorrow.

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This has been fixed.

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Our hero!

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