I wish Microsoft would acquire CAVE

Cave made some of my fave games ever, in a beloved/niche genre for many fans around the world, but I honestly feel game pass could do wonders for the genre and Cave, it just seems like the perfect fit in my eyes.

Cave supported the Xbox 360 incredibly well, we was honestly spoilt if you was a fan of the genre & I’ve honestly really missed them this gen :frowning:

Xbox 360 Games:
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label Extra
Deathsmiles (pal/ntsc/Jp release)
Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 (region free)
Espgaluda 2: Black Label (region free)
Deathsmiles IIX: Makai no Merry Christmas
Guwange (XBLA Worldwide/backwards compat)
DoDonPachi: Resurrection (region free pal release)
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label
Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets (region free)
Nin 2 Jump (XBLA worldwide)
Akai Katana (pal/ntsc/jp release)
Instant Brain (unlock dodonpachi arcade classic)
Mushihimesama HD
DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (region free)

I’ll leave you with a 1CC run off my favourite STG game by Cave, Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to watch the full video, I ask that you atleast watch from 30 minutes in to experience the true last boss, truly a spectacle.
But watch the full video to see a beautiful run :slight_smile:

Other notable Devs that supported the genre exclusively on xbox 360!

Bullet soul (region free)
Bullet soul infinite burst (region free/backwards compat $15 USD digitally, its a must buy imo)

SENKO NO RONDO (ubisoft published as wartech in the UK/USA oddly)
Strania + dlc(xbla Worldwide/backwards compat, a MUST buy for fans of the genre)

ESCHATOS (region free)
GINGA Force (region free)

Radiant Silvergun (xbla worldwide/backwards compat)
Ikaruga (xbla worldwide, backwards compat)

Compile Hearts:
Trigger Heart Excelia (xbla worldwide, backwards compat)


I must admit that they have fallen under my radar.

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Cave being on the 360 is interesting.

I really should do an opinion piece on “arrogant Sony” helping to bury Japanese console development.

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Updated my post to add more notable exclusives in the genre, xbox 360 was literally the system for STG fans :slight_smile:

Also Sega released virtua on force & OT exclusively for Xbox 360 as well.

We also got guilty gear 2 and Samurai showdown sen exclusively too. (both games are sadly awful)

And a whole load of exclusive idolmaster and visual novel games, a couple exclusive jrpgs and fighting games.

Hopefully xbox series S|X can get close to the support that xbox 360 had.

Hasn’t Cave’s output waned over the years since arcade business slowed down?

In any case, even getting a deal with Cave to get a lot of those games BC and on Game Pass would be cool. I know Cave has ported a lot of those games to iOS and Android over the years, but still think they would be great to have in the Game Pass library.

I think they are pretty much non existent now. M2 has ported some of there games on ps4/Xbox one though (dangun feveron)

I think they probably just have a mobile game or two (as I think all the others got delisted on IOS now) I could be wrong though.

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I would much prefer 5pb.

Very curious as to why? :slight_smile: going to assume you’re really into visual novels?

Speaking of which…

My favourite Cave shooter is coming back!

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Awesome, I’ll double dip this on xbox one and switch :smiley:

Just for deathsmiles 1, 2 looks ugly, but hopefully it is still good. (never played that one)

I’m going to assume this a city connection port job, hopefully they bring me EVERY Cave game, I would happily buy them all too!

I’ve always wondered, was there a particular reason that 360 had so many Japanese shoot em up exclusives when other JP genres were dominated by PS3?

I always assumed someone at Microsoft, must’ve like the genre.

I remember an interview when a guy at Cave said his fave games were forza and God of War lol

I believe at the start of PS360 generation many of those games weren’t allowed on the PS3 by Sony. There was some odd mandate that impacted Visual Novels too. This was only later corrected after PS3 sales were suffering.