I wish Gears would ditch its PvP mode

After playing Wolfenstein, I keep thinking how amazing Gears campaign would be if they put all of their resources into the PvE aspects ei games like Beast Mode, Horde Mode and the campaign itself, and ditch the Pvp portions

I love Gears, its one of my favorite franchises since day one but I couldn’t give a shit about the rolling gnasher fest that’s PvP

Looking at how well games like Left 4 Dead have done, I imagine a Gears with no PvP but a stellar campaign and a ton of PvE support would really do wonders for the series


Would be fine with me!

You do know that there are a lot of Gears players who only play PvP right? it’s the game that defined horde mode. It’s so much part of gears that it would be as big as COD dropping the zombies mode


He said to keep the PvE modes.

my badness friend

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I disagree. Gears 5’s campaign was a letdown but its PVP lit.

There’s a dedicated group of players that play the Gears PVP. I think only issue with Gears is that it’s not that welcoming to new players, so many give up on it quick.

I love Gears PVP.

Now, something I could see is maybe making a service side version of Gears that’s the PvP and then just release campaigns and PvE modes every 2-3 years. They experiment with PvE modes like almost every game anyway.

I prefer the current model though. Only issue I have currently is the lack of maps and characters in 5. Loved the campaign.

You know what? I agree. Even though I have put countless hours into Gears multiplayer. Unless the mode bans it, it always devolves into people running at each other, using the shotgun, rinse and repeat. At least the PVE modes encourage using the full sandbox of weapons.

Also, Destiny would be better if they killed Crucible


I play horde mode exclusively, so I gor no problem with that:)

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Pretty much this. I tried to get in to gears multiplayer for every gears game I played but I am just not skilled enough to do the shotgun quick wall hopping. I try few times and give up.

I really enjoyed my time with Gears 5 Arcade Mode though. Felt like I was contributing something and could use other weapons.

Gears 5 Multiplayer died pretty quickly here in Aus and Aracde mode was mainly bots

Competitive multiplayer IS Gears of War. It’s what keeps people coming back to the franchise.

What is wrong with you?

Gears PVP is incredible, I had like 54 days playtime on gears 4, and I’ve played gears 5 nearly every day since launch, not sure on gears 5 playtime as it doesn’t have a time tracker like gears 4 for some reason.

I’m genuinely mega excited for the enhancement on series x & operation 5 (new maps etc)

Gears PVP offers something that nothing else comes close too, hell it has probably ruined all other 3rd person shooters for me, as nothing come close to gears in all honesty.

I also finally got my Masters Rank recently, Gears at high level is something else completely.


They can always spin off the PvP modes into a free to play game like Halo is doing

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Yes make the competitive pvp its own thing

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I never really play pvp in gears either but I am sure there are bunch of folks out there who do. Interested to know if OP didn’t rate the latest campaign . Seemed pretty decent to me.

What will change if they will make the MP f2p from now on? from what I understand you want the franchise to focus entirely on PvE but even if the MP is a spin-off f2p it will require the same resources from The Coalition.

I think it makes sense to spin off the Multiplayer and make it its own thing like Halo is doing. That way you can make changes to the gameplay in campaign and PvE modes while keeping the core gameplay feel in the PvP that the hardcore players will get very upset if anything is changed. There is a pretty large PvP playerbase for Gears, especially in Latin America. I think it would be a pretty bad idea to just get rid of it.

That would get rid of the more toxic muppets in the community so…sure.

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