I think the Series X will have more legs this gen than PS5

This is my take on the final specs and consoles put out by both Sony with the PS5 and Microsoft with the Series X.

It seems pretty clear now that Sony started designing the PS5 before MS started with the Series X. Makes sense, as Sony finished the PS4 Pro a year before Microsoft finished the One X. This is also shown in the PS5 die shots, where the PS5 is using more RDNA 1 parts on their GPU than the Series X does. Microsoft also tied in alot of their Series X development alongside AMD with their AMD cards, as they were working through Direct 12 Ultimate adoption and were kinda on AMDs timeline as well. This included specific GPU alterations to accommodate Mesh Shaders, ML and VRS, shown by MS using RDNA 2 ROPs, which facilitated VRS, while Sony used RDNA 1 ROPs, further evidencing the fact that the PS5 doesn’t have VRS abilities in its GPU. So alot of MS work with XSX was around Direct X 12 Ultimate and its new extensions

Sony on the otherhand worked around a solution for backwards compatibility and to retain a ease of development environment for the PS5. Mark Cerny pushed this point in his Road to PS5 talk where he said the time to triangle on the PS5 was less than one month, making it the easiest to program console Sony has made. This resulted in a 36cu GPU to keep backwards compatibility.

I think that Sony got caught out spec wise and raised their GPU clocks to get closer to the XSX. This to me is evidenced by the use of variable clocks on the PS5. There is no way Sony went into the initial planning of the PS5 and thought variable clocks were an option. It was a reactionary move. Its also a flawed idea. As the generation goes on, the games are going to become more complex and demanding. Its precisely when demanding games are played on the PS5 that the clocks on the GPU will go below the 2.23ghz, exactly when you need it the most. In essence, the PS5 will never be able to achieve its 10.3tflops. The more the demanding a game is, the lower the tflops the PS5 will be capable of.

At this stage of the generation no game is pushing the consoles to any real degree, and the PS5 GPU will happily sit at 2.23ghz. The advantage for Sony is that it has allowed devs to get great results quickly on the console, and perform better than the XSX in a number of them. Things have gone exactly to plan for Sony, and I guess from that side of things its a job well done.

With regards to the GPU, Sony has only really talked about their Geometry Engine with its primitive shaders, along with cache scrubbers. This is really the only secret sauce Sony brought to their GPU. The Geometry Engine isn’t a Sony only invention, as it is an AMD function, along with primitive shaders, and was introduced in GCN cards, but not activated. There has been no real performance improvement demonstrated by the use of cache scrubbers. I assume if it was in anyway a performance improver, Sony would have demonstrated this.

This is where the Microsoft innovations and additions to the XSX GPU are going to allow it to have longer legs as the generation goes ahead. Unlike Cache scrubbers, Mesh Shaders, VRS, SFS and Machine Learning are all demonstrated to give performance improvements. VRS tier 2 alone has shown up to 14% increase to performance. Mesh shaders are yet to be used in any game, and the benchmarks have shown massive performance gains when using it. Real world numbers arnt yet shown, but it is the real deal. Mesh shaders are the next generation over the primitive shaders used on the PS5.

Sampler Feedback Streaming is a known improver to system performance and like Mesh Shaders, no game currently uses it, and like VRS and Mesh Shaders, the PS5 doesn’t have SFS or any equivalent.

That leaves us with Machine Learning, which we know the XSX has through the Direct ML, and the additions to the hardware MS did to allow 4 and 8 bit used in ML, while the PS5 doesn’t have this same ability in its GPU.

These are the reasons I believe the XSX is going to prove more powerful as the generation goes on. Microsoft really did an amazing job on this console, and I’m going to enjoy seeing what comes out of it.


As powerful as it is, I can still see a mid-gen refresh with better RT performance at 60fps.

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There will be multiple mid-gen refreshes for both companies.

Its still too early in the gen to say this kind of stuff.


I personally don’t see a mid-gen console for Xbox at all. I do however see a mid-gen console for PlayStation 5 though in order for them to cut down the costs and get the GPU to 10.5TF without overclocking. That’s my prediction though.

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Writing in the tomb stone… Irony?

So far, PS5 is riding on the success of its predecessors.

Xbox is writing a new script.

  1. Gamepass

  2. PC centric

  3. Better future proof hardware

  4. Streaming

  5. Accessibility

  6. Investment

  7. Engagement


Yep its crazy how the tides have turned Xbox has the cheapest console and the most powerful plus so much value with gamepass more studios that will pump out exclusives man exciting times


In terms of hardware, it is not too early. The stronger console will have more legs than the weaker one.

In terms of software, all of these MS teams will churn out titles to complement the hardware.

Still, I expect the PS5 to easily outsell the Series S/X.

Xbox has a massive and growing first-party studio capability now, in the coming years Series X/S are going to show trough those games performance never before seen onna console, and in my point of view this will change the race for more raw power, for more optimization hardware and technology.

The Series S will be the “power house” behind these changes, showing that even a weaker console can produce amazing results with the right technology to push it forward

For me personally I worry about Sony’s commitment to forward and backward compatibility. So if part of the design of the PS5 was hampered by needing to keep compatibility for the PS4, then what happens with a PS5 refresh or the PS6; is compatibly with the PS4 lost then?

You just cannot abandon backwards compatibility. If Sony launched the PS6 and said no PS5 or PS4 games could be played on it, while the Xbox series xx did keep BC, it would be over for Sony. The problem for Sony is that they cannot do BC as easily as MS, so it will hamper them going forward.


Apart from the weirdo loyalists, I think many are tempted to jump into Xbox as a primary console this gen. PS will have some great exclusives as usual but so will Xbox and everything else from hardware, features, services, performance in 3rd party games to community is better on Xbox.

Marketing outside the US/U.K need to step up though.


Definitely agree MS built the most powerfule, future tech console in the market. Their 1st party alone can carry the generation for many years ahead

The legs on the PS5 will be fine. You’re focus is on the GPU, which processes one of the most scalable part the engine (graphics). We’ve seen bigger gaps in past generations and the weaker console has traditionally done just fine. Will games be as pretty in the end? Probably not, but they will still be pretty enough for most gamers and that’s all that matters.

I’d also ask our community to fight the urge to make unnecessary comparisons between platforms. It does nothing to elevate the conversation and creates a less welcoming environment.

For sure the PS5 will be fine. I have no doubt that the PS5 will out sell the Series X, but it will be a lot closer than last time.

Most people can’t tell the difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X graphics wise. I am talking about the custom tech in the XSX (Mesh Shaders, SFS, VRS and ML) that the PS5 doesn’t have here. These functions have alot of ability to save performance, where as the Cache scrubbers on the PS5 haven’t been benchmarked to save anything of note. If it was something that had a noticeable effect Cerny would have said what type of performance savings could be achieved. As we have seen with Sony, when they are silent about something it’s because its not in their favour.

My main point is that no games yet use Mesh Shaders, SFS or ML on any platform. When used fully along with VRS it should make for some big gains.

PS5 will be more than fine to last the gen, and I do feel it will be the lead platform devs design for due to install base. While I think Microsoft has the chance to close the gap, and return back to 360 level of consoles sold. I just don’t think Microsoft brand is strong enough to dethrone Sony in Europe, Asia, and other major markets that are dominated by Sony.

Also I hope both Microsoft and Sony doesn’t do mid gen upgrades this gen because I feel both consoles are strong enough to last the gen. Also with Xbox don’t think they should create such another huge between the series s

Xbox needs some stellar games and some exclusive deal and it will be wild.

Are you also considering Game Streaming? If it catches on in the next few years the number of people playing on Xbox hardware could match (or beat) Playstation.

Yup, I am accounting for that too, which is why I believe they will close gap. However I do feel many across the world may not have internet speed fast enough to take advantage of cloud gaming. Also can’t discount the brand loyalty Sony has created outside of the North America

My comment on the legs of the PS5 had nothing to do with sales, that’s why I specifically talked about graphics. Both system will see performance gains, we just might see more gains on the Xbox platforms. Even with that said, the PS5 will be pumping out gorgeous games that will be good enough for players.

So basically this is a moot point.

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