I think Series X has made me more eco-friendly

With the One X, I would leave the console running for hours, even if I was done playing games on it and I was watching a film or something. Then, hours later, I’d return to doing stuff on the One X.

With Series X, I’m actually turning off the console when I’m not using a lot more - I think its because the thing boots up so quickly, and with Quick Resume, I can boot up and get right into games like Gears Tactics in less than a minute, which I think (for me) justifies the decision to turn the thing off more often.

…or is it just me thinking this way?

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It certainly boots fast enough that time to boot is no longer a reason to keep it in standby.

But I like to have everything updated as needed and to remote install games when they are available.

Also, every now and then I use remote play from the phone so having it in standby also makes it possible.

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It boots up faster than my TV so I don’t really see the point in keeping it on instant on mode. I’ve always used the Eco settings even on the Xbox One.

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