I think it is happening fellow N7s

Yes, the image is blurred out. I think this N7 Day will finally be the day :smiley:.


OH MY GOD!!! That would be so awesomee. Hope its more of a remake that just a res boost, but I take everything I can get!!!


N7 day is this month, right?

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Tomorrow, to be exact.

All indications are they’re just up-rez jobs, not remakes. And they’re skipping the multiplayer from 3. Don’t get too excited.

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Yep, but I’m still excited for ports, like most people who are desperate for any kind of improvements over BC games in 720p max. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My ideal situation would be that they make some substantial changes to the games, and then Microsoft can enhance the 360 originals via BC.

Sounds like ME1 (the best one, don’t @ me) will be getting a few changes already. We’ll see how big those end up being.


Hell yeah!



I am Commander Shepard and I approve this message!


Man. This brings back memories.

I always watched a YouTube channel called Farfromsubtle when these games released and N7 days. It was so much fun and a memory that won’t fade.

Sadly, FFS changed a lot. I ended up trying to get into these games 2 years ago and found it hard to. Hopefully the remake will improve graphics/gameplay and I can get into it.

Fingers crossed. :grin:

I set this in motion by buying all of the games and content DLC right before the rumors started brewing about this, so you’re all welcome.

tomorrow will be interesting then. Lets see how they fix the inventory and the repetitive side quest level structures in ME1.

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I hope the fix the combat in this first game because it hasn’t aged well. Anyways day one for me even though it will be on gamepass eventually

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My only concern is if it’s backwards compatibility only and not next gen ports.

man it’s been so long


My favorite franchise is back?

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Guess it’s time to play Mass Effect again! I really hope they have done a proper remake rather than a remaster.

But it’s EA so it’ll be the least amount of work necessary most likely.

Does anyone know when the news will drop?

In a little less than an hour, I believe.

Can’t wait! Do people think we will see gameplay?