I think Dreams would be a awesome Game Pass title

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the freedom and capabilities of Dreams, from Media Molecule, in ps4. They are a exclusive studio and titles. But I was sad to see 7 years of development and not getting recognized… Sad to see too that people couldn’t play in PC, like steam or whatever… It’s such a great tool and all.

Sorry for my bad english, lol. Just saying that Media Molecule Dreams would be a dream to playing this game, with my friends, with Game Pass and that the studio worked so hard to not getting recognized :frowning:

Dreams would be an amazing PC title imo. I do hope Sony continues to port games and dreams makes it unto the platform at one point. People are already creating great things on just the PS4, imagine it with PC players behind it…

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As an avid Halo Forger, I eyed Dreams with a lot of curiousity! I’d love to see it come to PC in some form in the future, if only for their hard work to pay off with a bigger community behind it.

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The only way I see this is on PC…but I think Sony will just put it on Steam and I think that’s what they should do. Hopefully it happens. I have 99 percent doubt it comes to GamePass in the foreseeable future.

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I always see these games and feel they are far better suited for pc, I felt the same about project spark.

That being said, the creations are fun and that, but I find the actual creations just don’t feel good to play sadly :frowning:

I dunno. The tools sound really amazing but I get that they landed on a weird place where it’s too complex for the target audience that likes community based content and too limited for professional creators that are better off using a proper engine.

I just don’t think there’s an audience for this game.

Not to mention that a lot of other games with powerful creative tools (be them moddable games, Minecraft or stuff like Trials if not even Halo’s own Forge) come with a convincing gameplay loop to begin with, so you don’t have to go out of your way to make the base game fun. Dreams feels more of a tool than a game, and if you’re willing to put that many hours into it, might as well make it in Unity and monetize it.

Dreams is amazing! I‘m doing two larger projects on it. I don‘t think Dreams could ever be on the Xbox console because it makes such heavy use of gyro controls. You can play it without, but it‘s not nearly the same. I expect Dreams to be on PC at some point, but they will make sure that there are no workarounds to import longer pieces of audio in it. People have been infringing IP rights left and right, unfortunately.

And who knows, PlayStation has announced Horizon and MLB The Show on other platforms, too.

Lastly, I have started learning Unity as a result of my things done in Dreams! It‘s so powerful and cool, and great content keep coming. Make sure to check it out even if larger gaming news sites often do not bother showcasing it, unfortunately :confused:

Imagine Project Spark had launched with a better concept and a couple years later… Wet dreams

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Bring back Project Spark, damn you!!!

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That’s true as well, definitely played a huge role.

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Dreams really interested me till I found you can’t publish/release anything you create outside of the programme itself which to me seems like a waste of time and effort. Yeah can do just for fun but me personally if I spend the time and made something truly great in it I’d wanna publish it beyond only the people who own dreams.

Yes, but all the content free and no MTX, that kill the game in the original release.

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