I need some help with Telling Lies, the game

I’ve decided to see what this is all about, but at the moment I don’t fully understand it.

So it begins with Karen typing “LOVE” and the player then searches for it. 5 video results. I watch the first clip and when words pop up in the subtitles that I think have meaning I select them and search them. Five more pop up.

There’s no telling what the right order of these videos are, right? But what is the goal here? I watch videos, I mark and then search words that I think will get me new results (videos to watch) but what then? :slight_smile:

This part of the “gameplay” I understand, but after I have seen all the clips, then what? If possible without spoilers please.

For example I watched the first video, searched lots of things but did not watch these clips yet. Should I now first watch the second video, search stuff again, third video, fourth video etc?


You are trying to figure out what happened and what every characters story is. Watching the videos and browsing the keywords is this games non linear way to do this.

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That is the basic gameplay loop, looking at clips, extrapolating other clips, watching those, and piecing together what happened to the characters. Been a while, but I believe that when you see clips that are critical to the main story, the “time” will advance and your character’s story will move forward a bit. Once that’s happened enough times, the game will conclude and as far as I know, there’s no way of locking yourself out of knowing what happened. It should be apparent when the game ends.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t like this one very much and found the characters unlikable. Immortality is in the same vein and is more entertaining IMO.

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The words act as breadcrumbs to take you through to different scenes. You’ll uncover the story in a highly non-chronological manner.

Cool game, but I’d recommend Her Story and Immortality over it. I assume you’re playing it because it’s leaving GP soon?

Yes, indeed.

But Monster Hunter Rise is out now, chances of me returning to Telling Lies…i ain’t gonna lie, are small. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FWIW it’s only a few hours long and it has easy achievements, but like I said, I think the other two Sam Barlow games are better ways to spend your time.

I platinumed this . My recommendation is

  • Follow TrueAchievements to get all the achievements. Don’t pay attention to the plot
  • Watch the full game synched up on youtube. The game shows video conversations but only one side of each conversation…and it can get tedius trying to remember which is which. It’s 5 hours, but it will make a lot more sense.

If you plan to get all achievements? just follow a guide there are text and video guides. The Solitaire game is a bitch to do though. Took me 3 hours to get all achievements and beat the game.