I need help setting up HDR on Xbox Series X!

Hello tech experts!

So I have a problem.

With the series x there is a new setting to setup hdr for gaming from the console.

For that you need at least HDR10. My tv has HDR10+ and does not work with the setting.

Apparently my tv does not support that my series x says. I tried many things like the official support guide => did not work. Changing settings on my tv and such.

Has anyone an idea for my problem?

Depends on the TV. For example, LG OLEDs required deepcolor to be turned on at the input level in the settings. Have you checked something like that on your set? Make sure your cables are seated securely on both ends. Also, cables are cheap. Do you have a known good cable that works? Some cables are rated as directional. Make sure those are connected properly.

Can’t help much more than that without more info.

Yes😅 I use the hdmi 2.1 cable from the series x

First thing: What exact TV model do you use? Without that info people won’t able to help you.

I contacted the support. My tv supports hdr10 and it’s a xbox problem. A fix is in the work I have to wait.

@OneBadMutha how can I close the thread?

Closing thread based on request.