I might buy CoD again after all these years, just one question

A buddy of mine whom I spoke to on Xbox party chat yesterday told me to go and check the MP of CoD Cold War because he said it was impressive in terms of visuals and the maps looked rather fun. He just like me was tired as hell of CoD. So I did just that and I have to say it looks good indeed and especially those maps look cool, especially the one with the ships.

I miss the days of the very first MW where I used to play it so much with my friends, I kinda want that fun back. My brother told me the same. The last CoD we played was Advanced Warfare campaign and before that it was the first Black Ops, we ignored all the other ones.

So anyway, to the point. CoD doesn’t do passes anymore right? I recall them last year saying they didn’t want any players to miss out on maps, but surely Activision isn’t a charity company, lol. What’s the catch? Did MW players get all maps without having to pay anything and how will this work for Cold War?

That is correct, since MW2019, Call of Duty no longer does season passes for maps. All maps, game modes and “functional updates” like these are available to all players, so no cutting the community into various parts, and with cross-play between the various platforms there’s even less segregation in place. What the game now has are Fortnite-style battle passes, where you play and gain XP to unlock skins, camos, emotes, sometimes even weapons to use. Some of the attachments and dope weapons will require some hours to get surely, but at least you don’t have to pay for maps anymore.

This sounds good to me. And didn’t MW launch with a decent amount of maps?

Eh, so-so. The actual number wasn’t low, it’s just that they were all kinds of maps. They had some for the new 2v2 mode, they had some for the big 32v32 battles, and all in all there were only like 5 maps for “classic” modes, and frankly most were some of the worst they ever released, to an extent that they had to quickly patch in classic maps from MW1-3 to make up for it. I don’t think Cold War is gonna have some of those weird modes, and map quantity has never really been an issue for Treyarch. We’ll see how it goes.

I used to love the OG modern warfare so much on 360. 40 odd days played and 150,000 kills. Our clan was made up of a couple aussies and a few guys from the US and UK. Back before a wife and kids haha.

Totally forgot Treyarch is making it, that explains the inclusion of zombie mode, which I like. I hope the classic modes like team dm will have a good amount of maps, but I’m willing to give the somewhat BF like maps or mode a chance too. It’s probably a good idea to wait for some impressions or reviews. It releases before XSX launch, correct?

Man, those were the days for damn sure! Me and my buddies played that to death. I’ll never forget our first play session . This was in Germany during Gamescom, still called Games Convention then. Me and my buds had our own game news site and we got to visit many publishers behind closed doors, including Activision. We were brought to a separate building in Hummers where the big MW reveal was. This is where we saw the Chernobyl mission and afterwards we got to play MP.

So damn good. I miss those times.

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The last COD I enjoyed was Black Ops 2 - does anyone think this will be like Blops 2? Or am I out again?

Well, for one it’s the first Treyarch COD since Black Ops 2 that isn’t EXTREMELY futuristic with wallrunning, holograms and robots, to there’s that. The gameplay we’ve seen so far seem to be a mixture of Modern Warfare '19 and the healthbars and higher TTK we’ve seen from them recently. The mere fact there’s no doors on maps is a huge plus already. We’ll see how it goes, too early to tell frankly.