I love the new method of handling community questions on the podcast

Community questions are an important lifeblood of the podcast, but I’ve felt for awhile sprinkling them in where it seems appropriate, makes the most sense to me.

Often times the questions end of being what the boys were going to talk about anyways, and it just feels like we just run in circles like it’s a mad world.

So I personally have no issue if questions that are of the same topic get the cliffnotes version read. As long as you get what the person is asking, they got their name read, that’s all that matters.

I don’t need it read verbatim unless it’s something off-topic and specific like a @Cerysnetics question, in order to keep it smooth sailing. Even the good ol’ Beef n’ Cheddar Boys on Game Mess do that because that community has even more and longer questions and answers than this one believe it or not and they still have a much shorter podcast.

Again, anyone reading this, make an effort to see what others are asking, and see if you still think you need to ask your question after, because it may already get covered because of another member.

I’m gonna be front loading my questions, with a small little extra bit of a personal thought (I promise it will be small) beneath it, incase they wish to read it or maybe just the community see’s it.

I don’t work here, so it’s not my say how things are run, but the podcast can be 2hrs without feeling like it’s 2hrs if you get what I’m saying.

Cheers lovely guys gals and non-binary pals


I do make an effort to see what’s already being said. Which is fortunate, because every week it seems like Cerys is taking the words right out of my mouth…yeah

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