I have an issue with games on Xbox Series X not playing. Where to go?

Ok, im starting to get annoyed here and I’m not sure where to go to sort it out. So if someone can put me on the right track it would be much appreciated.

I bought and downloaded Doom 1, Doom2 and Doom 3 from the Microsoft store and downloaded to my One X a number of months ago. They were the 360 versions and playable through BC.

Now I have my Series X and have all my games on external drives, I tried to play one of them but it wouldn’t load and said to make sure I own the disc or bought the game.

So I then transferred them to the Series X SSD and tried to play them from there. It gave me the same error. When it came up with “Do you won this game or app” I clicked the “See in Microsoft store” and then it comes up with the game but says "Not currently available ".

Now from the outset it seems that Microsoft for some reason is disabling games that I have paid money for. It seems to have happened after the Zenimax deal closed.

Anyone know how I can go about getting my games to work, or who I can complain to about it? Its pretty shirty.


Call xbox.

Tried that but it says phone and chat lines are not available for this problem.

Try the steps it suggests, if that dont work, call them and say whatever until u are talking to a person.

I know this isn’t a lot of help and I realize that not everybody has Twitter, but I’ve noticed that with many brands especially airlines if you bring it up on Twitter they seem to respond to you quicker than any other option.

I also own those titles on the 360 and wouldn’t mind them being added to my future Series library. It doesn’t seem right that these games would not be supported through BC just because newer ones were sold on the Xbox One. So I think you’ll find a lot of sympathizers through there and then they can help amplify your concern (and like I said, I share that concern).

It looks like you may be experiencing this issue: Classic Doom games vanish, reappear on Xbox One with features missing [Updated] | Ars Technica

Australia Xbox Support: 1800 555 741

Full list of numbers. International Xbox Support phone numbers - Microsoft Community

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So what does that mean? How can they delete a game I have purchased?

I would be contacting Xbox support for your region. According to Bethesda - you should have been able to redownload the games.


This is where I feel “renew licenses” as a feature would be handy

360 had something LIKE this and the PS3/4/5 have it.

I mean, I’ll ask the dumb question. Have you tried uninstalling, hard reset, re-install?


Tried a soft reset (holding down power button a couple of seconds)? This deletes all caches which sometimes are the reasons game do not start.

And if that doesn’t work re-download is another option.

The problem with reinstalling them is that they are no longer available to download on the Microsoft store. That’s what makes me suss that this is a deliberate thing by MS.

I think they show up on Xbox App:

But if they’re in your “ready to install” list it should be fine. They removed them from the store ages ago