I bought FarCry 6 Gold edition, but Xbox calls it a trial

I got a personal offer yesterday. 10 bucks for FarCry 6 GOLD edition. This was a no brainer. When I play it, it’s fine, but when I press guide button it shows the games and apps I’ve played or am playing and it says FarCry 6 FREE Trial.

Also when I check it out in the store it says I still need to buy it, but I have it. It’s not the trial because Xbox would notify me of that. But I also don’t want to play this for several hours, find out it’s NOT the full game and can’t refund it then.

It would be extremely weird if they were selling a trial with a season pass though.

As you can see in the video it says FREE trial almost everywhere but when you go into the store and check out the gold edition it doesn’t say it at all. It does say I still need to buy it. But charging money for a free trial and season pass doesn’t make any sense.

I’d ask Xbox, but I can only contact a “gamer”, wtf happened to just talking with someone from Xbox support itself?

Did you check your order history ?


If you really purchase the game, remove your account from Xbox, hard reset and login again.


Likely something odd because of those unique special offerings. What shows up online (web browser) when you look at your Microsoft Account Purchases?

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My sharing buddy bought it. I’ll ask him to check out his order history.

Is your Xbox still set as their Home Console? Or do you login as their account and then yours to play?

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Yep. My account is my brother’s “My home Xbox” and his account is set at “My home Xbox” for me.

I always only log in with my own account.

It’s probably fine, because while I have played the game during those free play weekends, if this is that, it wouldn’t boot up. Neither is it the trial, since I can still download the trial and Xbox usually notifies you got this many minutes left to play.

I feel you, I also hate uncertainties like this.

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Ok, my brother just checked. It says he bought the Gold edition. It’s directly from his Xbox order history.

So it’s a very weird issue they made in the store, because of you go to check out the Gold edition in the description it will say trial, bizarre.

That’s good! Incredible offer, wish I got something special but Xbox seems to think I have enough games haha.

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I’m not sure if this applies but is it possible you have both the free trial and the gold edition? If you had done the free trial before you bought the full game I think they might show up separately.

I have not downloaded the trial ever. I did play the Free Play Days version though.

I think it’s all OK. I’ve played through the prologue this evening, and all seems well.

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It just some weird stuff i think. Exmple, We Happy Few can still be play via cloud gaming even though i don’t own the game. :grey_question:

And its gone from Game Pass?

Yes, still playable via Cloud gaming on console lol.

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also the complete edition still has the gamepass discount


It might come back to gamepass later.