HYENAS - Official Announcement Trailer | SEGA & Creative Assembly

I think some game had it…Not sure.

Starfield has it though.

Why do they all insist on forcing me to interact with other humans when pursuing my hobby?

I mean, I guess you’re all OK I suppose, but come on. It’s like making me ready my Kindle to you all. Nobody wants that.


Yup. Online games only rarely appeal to me to be honest. I never use a headset either.

I spent huge chunks of time hanging out and gaming in arcades growing up , dudes were all in the same room and right next to you gaming, so online MP gaming doesn’t bother me and im an introvert. Just hope its fun to play because i like the art direction.

Leaked Alpha gameplay of Hyenas. It looks okay, nothing mind blowing, but could be fun. Courtesy of Other Era.