HP VR headset for Xbox One

HP Reverb G2 setup application has been showed in microsoft store with Xbox one support!

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I’m gonna go ahead and assume error.


IF that’s real, it would IMO be the right way to do it. I don’t want MS to invest loads of money into the tech.

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They’d be better doing a deal for the life of XSX to allow Oculus games on there.

In principle I’d agree… but a FaceBook login on my Xbox?! Ewww :nauseated_face:

I am hoping for full access to steam VR. That way, Xbox will become the easy entry into VR and Xbox would not have to spend much on VR titles by themselves. They can simply take a smaller cut from valve and forget about first party games until VR catches enough traction.

Afterall, Xbox aim is to grow Gamepass subs. Steam VR can sell consoles like a hot cake. And later on, Xbox can start realising there VR games in Gamepass.

Hope this comes true🤞


I really hope Microsoft doesn’t waste time and resources on VR.

It just isn’t that good, 99% of the games feel like tech demos.

Beat saber is alright, and I guess RE7VR, but even then RE7 looks and plays better with a pad in your hand on your 4k TV.


Don’t see the appeal either. My experience with RE7 was exactly the same, much prefer the 4k controller over the VR.

I feel the same way. I’ve had some neat experiences but nothing that would really justify the expense of additional hardware. Pour that money into the BC team and add more compatible games!

I disagree there is a growing market for VR and Xbox is only platform without solution. Plus, many of their in house studios have VR games on other platforms or creating ones in the pipeline . For example Flight simulator on PC has a VR feature and Minecraft has VR on PC and even Playstation. Then you have to look at InExile who is creating a first person FPS on pc, and Project Mara seems to have VR features. Also I’m sure Forza will have VR features on PC, so it doesn’t make sense for Xbox next gen consoles not to have VR features when their studios are creating it for other platforms


VR has potential to ship 500 - 1000 k units of XSX in a year.

Microsoft has range of VR headsets from most affordable to the most feature full.

Right now VR is expansive due to its running hardware requirements. XSX will be the cheapest entry to VR.

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I played Beat Saber, and I still don’t see what’s so special about making it in VR. The “swords” movement could be used with any motion controller from the Wii onwards. Your body’s movement could easily be tracked by the EyeToy, the Kinect, etc… Having the screen in your face and the blocks closer to you adds nothing to the experience for me, it’s not more precise or more immersive than Fruit Ninja Kinect frankly. And yes, most high production value games are shorter, most of the longer ones are effectively “normal” full games in VR form (Doom, RE7) or have a lot of asset, location, etc. reusage from the “standard” games, see Half-Life: Alyx. Speaking of Alyx, its finger-based precision is dope, but that’s the thing: that’s the controllers’ merit, the actual VR part is frankly irrelevant.

It’s an expensive, gimmicky experience that simply does not offer a complete experience that is also pleasant on the long run. Plus the last thing I want from a game is to COMPLETELY remove me from reality, a reality that includes answering the phone, the doorbell, having to look after the food I’m cooking, my fiancé, etc. etc… These are fun for limited experiences, but it makes no sense for me to spend obscene amounts of money for something that makes sense for 15 minutes sessions tops. AR is a far more interesting proposal once the tech gets there: injecting virtual elements into our material world makes it so you don’t need to use bulky equipments to remove yourself from reality, you can stay in your comfort zone with the game entering your space instead. As evocative Ready Player One may be, it really isn’t the future I want from gaming at all.

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What a perfect summation. This is exactly how I feel down to a T, thanks for articulating it so well. No offense to those who like VR and want it, but I just don’t see it as a valuable use of time/resources. I want more and better content, greater value, not a gimmick! It would at best be a bullet point that brings parity between Xbox and other platforms, and that’s just not worth it as far as I’m concerned.

You’re completely right with your opinion on beat saber, you could pretty much do the game on kinect :stuck_out_tongue:

I think VR has a future, just not in gaming imo.

Almost certainly a mistake.

I don’t think I’d want to use VR for any games other than flight sims, racing games, mechs, or similar. Those offer a really strong case to use it, but not many other genres IMO.