How Would You Rate the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022?

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Solid “A” from me. Covered such a ridiculously wide swath of genres, all game play footage, all out within the next year, all day one Game Pass. They covered nearly every criticism head on (“Xbox only has Gears, Halo, and Forza!”, “Xbox only shows cinematic trailers and hardly any gameplay!”, “Xbox only shows games that are 3-4 years away!”).

Starfield looks incredible but it’s clear why they needed to delay it judging by some of those frame drops.

Redfall, Scorn, A Plague Tale II, Diablo IV, Persona(!!!), Minecraft Legends, Pentiment, Starfield, Cocoon, Team Ninja’s new game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Forza Motorsport, Hideo Kojima’s title… So many games I can’t wait to play.

How is everyone else feeling about the showcase?



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Tons of great stuff, but too many indie-ish things I just wasn’t interested in, like High on Life, Gunfire Reborn, etc.

I would have preferred a shorter show with less of that, more Forza and Diablo.

That’s just me though!


Solid B. I think it was a good showcase especially for having limited themselves to only showing content targeting the next year but it perhaps just needed a couple more big games to pull the whole thing together - I guess I was perhaps hoping they would have something tucked away ready to release in the next six months.
One thing to note though is the pacing was GREAT.

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Based on my expectations going into it, probably a C

But on a second watch and bearing in mind the 12 month stipulation, easily a B at least

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Solid A, with everything on offer, knowing that the Blizzard/Activision stuff will soon be in Gamepass, I feel as a customer that my time and money are being maximized with my 16$ per month on a plethora of quality games in all styles and sizes with no compromises on creativity. There was more on offer here than I’ll be able to play and pretty much everything at the show deserves at least a try, even the stuff I didn’t know about.

But for me, Starfield, Redfall and FM were the huge ones as well as the new Team Ninja game (was hoping for Ninja Gaiden) and I’ll finally get to play Persona so I’m really happy about that. Pentent actually looks like something I’d like to play, sometimes I as a gamer need some of that more relaxing and thought provoking gameplay and it looks like it’ll deliver on that front.

Also have big hopes for The Pitt as I’m getting back on F76 next season in preparation for it so it better deliver!

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I’d give it a C, compared to last year’s B for example.

Gameplay wise i liked Redfall and Starfield, nothing too surprising from what i expected but i can tell it’s 2 games i’ll play a lot. I didn’t like Forza Motorsport’s one, not even a bit, which doesn’t mean nothing because it’s just that, a trailer, and the final game will be great, but.

Game announcements wise i think there was nothing from first parties other than a couple small games.

About surprises, Persona’s one was interesting, it’s finally there after years of rumours, might give it a try, and Kojima’s one was… not sure what to say, i will wait until i see what it is, after what i’ve read of people playing on their phones etc, if it ends up being some small experimental project, it won’t be too interesting, we’ll see.

And that was it, special mention to Diablo 4, which has me a bit hyped, and there’s a small chance it’ll be ready by 1st half of 2023! Which was unexpected tbh.

Overall it felt more like a third party showcase, like one Geoff would do more than the typical big showcase MS/Sony uses to do, not saying this because there were more or less multiplatform games, but the focus on AA games and the lack of big exclusive announcements

The pacing was much worse than what MS had me used to lately, 2021 definitely felt way more… intense? Riot games or Overwatch are some stuff i would really haven’t expected o_O.

Also feel like they are starting to stack live games they are showing over and over, Flight Simulator and it’s DLC’s, Grounded, TES Online, Fallout 76, Sea of Thieves and not sure if im leaving any other, are starting to take over 10 minutes on the conferences. They break the pace for me, i got no problems with watching stuff like Hellblade on 2 or even 3 conferences prior to release since it looked simply astonishing, but it’s not the case for the others i mentioned.

Im scared that after ABK’s acquisition we’ll have to add Overwatch, Hearthstone, Warzone etc to the party X’D, not sure why didnt they leave them for the extended show, or well yes, makes sense after i saw the amount of players these games have had.

Solid B not bad, not great. Ot certainly didnt live up to they hype it was building but I cant complain as a gamepass subscriber.

And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please stop showing FS, Sea of thieves, Grounded (though it seems this will be the last time we will see it) FO76 and TESO!! When ABK is done will we have to deal with all of the above plus OW2, Warzone, Diablo 4, HeartStone and who knows what other GAAS do they have on pipeline.


That’s not a problem though, just make the show 2 hours long ;p

Thas another problem. I dont think these shows should last 90+ minutes. I would prefer them to have a packed but solid 40-45 minutes show because sometimes it feels like a drag.

Hope they improve this in the future with 2 shows per year instead of one.

E3 used to go for 2 hours lol

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I get that but I think Nintendo and Sony have show us how much better a 40 minutes show works than a hour+ show…at least for me. Dont think xbox has gotten its “identity” for a conference yet but they sirely figure it out when all their content is ready.

PD :sorry for grammar :iphone:

Its a B for me. It would have been a A if they had just said that the showcase would only be for games coming out in the next 12 months when they announced the showcase date. Im interested to see if Microsoft has a X22 this year or what the game awards will have

The difference is Microsoft is advertising gamepass for the year and showing people why they need to subscribe to this service and 30 min to 40 min wouldnt cover that


And thats why I think they should do more than 1 conference throughout the year even if it is just to show indies and AA just like nintendo indie worlds. I think that would work perfectly— 2 "big conferences a year 40 minutes each (when they get the content)-----3-4 small indie world conferences each one 30-40 minutes long (heck, just call it gamepass word!)

Xbox doesnt get the views playstation does so they need to use things like summer games fest to get alot of eyes on these titles thats why they go long on these showcases or throw bones at game awards. Game pass needs growth thats why they need views of people who wouldnt watch a xbox event normally

Plus between all of their live service titles and MMO’s they could easily manage a quarterly show just talking about new content and updates

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The most impressive thing about the show for me was just the sheer amount of value we’re getting with Game Pass. ALL of those games shown today, ALL included with Game Pass over the next 12 months.

Just crazy.


When the ABK deal is completed…

Really hard to imagine how other subscription services can compete with that (FTC pleade dont lool at these!!). I mean next gear is packed as heck with:

  • Starfield
  • Forza MS
  • Redfall
  • Diablo 4
  • Contraband (I think this is fall 2023)
  • Belfry (same as above)
  • Stalker 2
  • ARK 2
  • Evything from ABK coming to Gamepass.
  • Every other gamepass deal they have for first half of 2023 (like that epic ni-oh like game or silksong)

Next year will be the one were they will finally say the can release big games every quarter.


Plus Deathloop and Ghostwire



Something Goldeneye or Perfect Dark related wouldve brought this into A territory. Feels like they were hindered by their 12 month rule there