How would people feel if Embracer group was owned/acquired by Apple?

How would people feel if Embracer group was owned/acquired by Apple in the next 2-3 years?

Would you be happy you’d perhaps be able to play a gigantic gaming library on the go, on a device that you always have with you, kinda like what Apple did to Camera, MP3 players, etc? Or would it be dreadful because you prefer physical controls?

I’m intrigued because games like LoL Wild Rift for example has a competitive scene and is similar to the PC version. CoD mobile is also not too far off console version in a lot of ways, and Apex Legends will be out soon for mobile and isn’t far off console quality.

It’s interesting to me seeing these “near console quality” games coming out among all the Gacha games. Thoughts?

More like Sony getting acquired by Apple :wink::point_right:t4:

Embraces is a third party AA publisher, not a worry.

Apple won’t buy Sony or Nintendo, it’s more likely they’d want to buy Xbox.

Aside Macbook I don’t have anything Apple and if the game will start skipping PC I won’t be that much happy but Embracer does not have much that I care about.


Sony, and Nintendo would be very challenging to buy because the countless laws. Xbox, or Microsoft in general - Apple could very well buy. It would be challenging also because how much Microsoft costs and Monopoly Laws, but it’s more realistic than Sony or Nintendo. I don’t think people realise how much of a mammoth Apple is. Microsoft is also a mammoth but one is bigger than the other. :man_shrugging:

What? Acquiring Xbox from Microsoft is more realistic than acquiring Sony? :rofl:

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Yes. Not saying they will, but yes, if push come to shove it’s a 1% possibility, as a posed to 0% possibility of Sony.

How I’d feel?

Depressed brah.

Acquiring Sony is a bigger possibility that getting anything from Microsoft, unless Microsoft wants to sell. Granted Sony will have to split anyway if Sony decides to sell due to certain business they would need to keep in Japan. Nintendo is the easiest acquisition there as they are on the same level as Square Enix in Japanese list regarding importance to the economy (Sony is on a higher level).

If this is gonna happen I would be very curious how Apple want to promote the premium feeling on games like Elex and Mount & Blade. :doge:

I mean it won’t happen(Microsoft) because of monopoly laws, and won’t happen(Sony) because of Japanese laws. So eh, let’s get back on topic :+1:

There are very few companies I despise more than Apple so I cant say id be thrilled


If it didn’t affect exclusivity at all, it probably wouldn’t make a difference to me.

But knowing Apple, they’d probably create a bunch of barriers to get you into their ecosystem, so that’s a hard pass for me.


I don’t think there are Japanese laws that would prevent Apple from buying Sony.

Recently some laws were introduced to scrutinize foreign ownership but would only prevent it if it provided to be an issue for their national security.

There recently was a Saudi company buy a massive amount of stake into SNK with the plan to become the majority. Japan had no issue with that. And that was a Saudi company, as in it is tied directly to the Saudi monarchy IIRC (in contrast to a Saudi Arabian company).

So Apple can buy Sony or any Japanese games publisher.


Maybe a mix of excited and disappointed. The reason I say that is because this means Apple is entering the console market.

So excited to see what new ideas they can bring to the market and disappointed, because my wallet can’t afford another system, so I’ll miss out on these games.

What this would mean though for console manufacturers definitely will change things up.

I can see Sony and Microsoft being more aggressive and go after more game studios. Not so much for Nintendo, because Nintendo seems to do their own thing and not go after studios like the others do.

A few things an Apple console would do is make chips for the consoles cheaper, because more companies are having them made and also more innovation would come to the future consoles too.

It definitely would be something though and to see Embracer having Apple money behind them, I can only see being a benefit to the games, plus developers.

I get the sense that Apple wants in on VR, handheld gaming, console gaming and game streaming.

Apple has lots of cash on hand as well.

The thing that makes the most sense for Apple is to buy Sony.