How should I replay the Gears games via Gamepass

Ok I have an Xbox Series S and I have gamepass.

What do I need to do if I want to play all of the Gears games in order? Do I download the ultimate edition? Is that just 1 remastered? Do I have to separately download 2 and 3 ie the 360 ones? Then grab 4, and I see 5 has a Series S version?

Yes, Ultimate Edition is a remaster of Gears of War 1.

2 and 3 are Xbox One X enhanced 360 games.

Judgment is sadly not enhanced.


In this case I would play Ultimate Edition, then play 2, 3 (and judgement if you want) BC before removing up to 4 and 5.


Although Judgement was just ‘fine’ to me, it’s unfortunate it’s not enhanced, it looked absolutely incredible visually.


It’s not as essential as 2 and 3 but it’s a decent game in its own right. Also set up some plot threads for Gears 5 interestingly enough. And yeah very good looking, so it’s a shame it’s not in 4K like the others.


I too am in a vibe to play the Gears franchise. I only played the first two games back in the 360 and never played anything after. Didn’t know that Gears Ultimate Edition was a remaster for the first game.

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Thanks for the help all. I installed Gears Ultimate Edition and will start with that. Then I’ll work through the rest as suggested.

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  • Wait Ultimate to get FPS Boosted;
  • Play Gears 4;
  • Play Gears 5;
  • Play Gears Ultimate (it’s FPS Boosted now!);
  • Play Gears 2 & 3 in the Marcus Fenix Collection at 60FPS.

Judgement looks fuckin awesome and it isn’t even enhanced. I hope they do enhance it. Some really good scenes in that game.

But I would go thru Judgement/Ultimate/2/3/4/5. Plain and simple.