How Rare makes such amazing games?

I watched the Sea of Thieves season 5 trailer and was impressed with the VFX of the fireworks and reflections on the water it’s totally Next-Gen for me.

I don’t remember seeing so many particles working in an open world until today

I have the impression that Rare pushes the limits of what is possible with each generation. Sea of Thieves’ water will probably be the bestwater for the decade to come

But when we look even further away Conker Live & Reloaded or Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts had Incredible furs which are still in the standards today but they also had in development a game Project Savannah where the animals of the savannah must have had the most beautiful fur in video games. When we see the result of a prototype from 2006 still today nothing comes close.

I have always been very impressed with the technique of Rare games like the number of characters shown on screen in Kameo … I’m sure they will do something special with Everwild.


I’m of the firm belief that Rare needs to be expanded even further.


there are around 100 on Sea of Thieves, they should be around 100 on Everwild as well so I’m guessing they have an extra team on a project that hasn’t been revealed

From what Ken Lobb said I guess it’s a new Banjo

From Rare’s 20-Year Banjo Tweet they are hinting that now is not the time to announce a new Banjo game but it looks like they are probably working on it on a Next-Gen game.


I agree with the title but unfortunately, Rare didn’t make a proper “game” since 2008. SOT is a social experience and not having other goal to play. I’m not hanging my hopes on EverWild to change the way Rare used in SOT. They’ve already clear that the game will be shared world like SOT.

Speaking about expanding, how much Rare has to expand to maintain 2 Social games? Most of the team members are working on SOT ~200 and about 50 on EverWild, if we measure it with SOT? Then the team needs additional 150 employee for EverWild, and while the 2 projects are GAAS the team will stick with them many years to come.

Can’t imagine Xbox expanding Rare to over 400 just to craft other products while it has other 22 studio can do the job.

Before I end my talk,

There is one solution by turning Rare to a publisher arm for Xbox. That means the team can acquire studios, do partnerships, do events etc and use that huge legacy library of IPs again and of course, bring new IPs.

They can do most of that without being a publisher.

Turning rare into a publisher has every likelihood going against it when you see that double fine had to shut its publishing arm soon after its acquisition.


I think you are wrong on Sea of Thieves it is certainly a shared social world but the game is full of Lore to explore, it has a rich transmedia universe as well, the Tall Tales are a new way of conceiving a design quest, the quests are unique and it is possible that other players can interact during quests. It really is for me the most innovative game since Minecraft it continues to reinvent itself and offer unique ways to play alone or with others.


I can’t imagine the technical challenges they had to overcome to allow players to launch hundreds of fireworks without impacting performance.


Sadly, Rare hasn’t done anything of interest for me since they were under Nintendo. Sea of Thieves is not my type of game for various reasons and I don’t see Everwild being any different. Oh well. It is what it is.

I’m more excited for Everwild because its more like a traditional MMO and I’m hoping they learned their lesson with SoT and launch a game thats good from the start and not years later. I agree with you about SoT though.

But until Rare make a steller AAA singe player game. They aren’t back or a top tier dev.

Sadly, I don’t ever see Rare making a pure AAA single player game again. I think they stay with the type of game that Sea of Thieves is for the long term.

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I really hope Everwild isn’t another SoT type “shared world” game that sucks to play solo.

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t’s posted at the entrance at Rare it’s their culture they just want to play games that people don’t have.


I mean they can also make those games playable solo :smiley:

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One thing I don’t like about some devs is when they don’t add some qol features because tHaT’s NoT hOw ThE gAmE iS iNtEnDeD tO bE pLaYeD

I don’t care, I hate it all the time. With Souls games, with SoT, and any game that doesn’t let you play how you want/can when it’s litterally just some slight and OPTIONAL adjustments to their game

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Yeaah. Ironic because even Fromsoft is now adding buttloads of QoL features to Elden Ring to evolve the Souls identity and give more freedom to play.

It’s still not difficulty modifiers though

I play Sea of Thieves with my friends most of the time but sometimes I just like to go out to sea alone and enjoy the vibe, take a moment to sit on a beach and watch the sun go down, just to fish and relax seeing other boats on the horizon, I like that it is impossible to predict in advance what will happen, we can meet other players and discuss or be attacked anytime it’s really a story generator i haven’t experienced that in any other games.

And when I hear Todd Howard talking about Starfield I feel that same immersive energy that I feel in Sea of Thieves those quiet moments where we’re just sitting around and taking in the scenery I think Starfield will be a lot like Sea of Thieves with procedural quest generations to deliver goods to other planets with a whole bunch of dynamic events like space battles, weather cycles that impact gameplay, different factions with their own quests, a rich environmental lore to explore … Obviously Starfield will be a one player only experience but I have the impression that we can recruit companions so as not to feel alone or play a simple space traveler or solitary bounty hunter. Sea of Thieves also allows that.

they are, it’s just not explicit options you select in a menu.

I’ve been hearing that for every Souls game since Bloodborne, didn’t see it once.