How old are you?

Yep, that’s one of the reasons we decided to make a forum, but it’s still interesting to see a relatively high age average compared to most gaming forums as the registration is free for everyone. Feels like clamping down on console warring alone is inevitably a way to target a more mature (not necessarily age-wise) audience to begin with.

40 …going on 16 …

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It’s not polite to ask.


39 and from Switzerland

Turned 38 not too long ago. Still living like I’m in my 20s :sweat_smile:


40 going onto 41.

38 from Israel

34, UK. My experience with younger family members (neices/nephews) is that they’d sooner watch someone play a game on Twitch than play themselves; or play Fortnite on a tablet.

Cost is another factor, in our 30s+ we take for granted that we can afford £15 p/m for Gamepass, and £60 for a new game - this isn’t so easy for someone in their early 20s who may struggle to hit rent and utility payments every month

I’m turning 24 next week. Quite young compared to the rest of the forum it seems.

Well, in all fairness, we got 1100+ members, and only 60+ people voting here. :slight_smile:

30 as of a couple months ago. Navigating my “OMG I’m 30 and still haven’t done x,y,z” phase.

Yeah this is very true, I’m 35 and my family are quite the same.

65 and three quarters. When you get to my age the quarters start to count again, only down instead of up.

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39 y/o, time sure flies fuck

Older than most here, which is why I don’t really take things personally. It’s just a hobby, but I’m 44

Old enough to party.


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I just turned 29 on the 25th. Getting up there! :grimacing:

Happy belated birthday

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Thank you!

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