How Microsoft Flight Simulator Recreated Our Entire Planet | Noclip Documentary

We talk to Jorg Neumann (Microsoft) and Sebastian Wloch (Asobo) about the bleeding-edge technology that enabled them to recreate the digital twin of planet earth in the latest iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

0:00 - Introducing Microsoft Flight Simulator

3:26 - Building the Team

7:19 - Creating The Planet

15:54 - Adding the Human World

22:26 - Simulating Weather

25:51 - Designing Planes

30:09 - Where People Fly

32:34 - Credits


I just find it hilarious that experiences that actually objectively push the medium in new never before seen directions are completely ignored from GOTY conversations :confused:


FS isn’t considered as a game. This is why it hasn’t been nominated for GOTY (i assume ofcourse), which is sad😕

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Man, I can’t wait to watch this later.

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Agree completely.

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