How long does it take Nintendo support to respond?

Odd issue here, I purchased this dlc last year, got a new switch, and wanted to reinstall my dlc, and it won’t let me download character pack 7 for blazblue tag battle.

Contacted nintendo support 2 weeks ago, and they still have not got back to me sadly, I also contacted the publisher of the game on twitter and they said I would have to contact Nintendo.

I just want to play some training mode with some of the characters from the dlc (Heart from AH3)

& I refuse to rebuy the dlc that I’ve already paid for, on xbox an issue like this would get resolved same day, makes you appreciate how decent the customer service is, but this has really frustrated me :frowning:

Or is there a better way to contact Nintendo support other than their email?

You should call them

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It’s Nintendo… Send a fax.

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If you have their fax address, I’ll actually try it.

Might even just send them a hand written letter and see if they actually respond. :joy:

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Haha yes, delivered by horseback courier!

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Arriving at Nintendo HQ.

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