How Forza Uses Neural Networks To Evolve Its Racing AI

Really interesting look at how they use neural networks in Forza and what they want to achieve with next gen cpus


The next Forza on XSX is going to be bonkers.


Should be noted that this isn’t necessarily related to XSX. They did this stuff on X1 even at launch. This is an AWESOME youtube series too. This one with Dan is insanely deep and detailed. He did an amazing job here!

Deep Neural Networks is something that Xbox should really be ahead of other game studios and publishers in the gaming space simply due to the fact Xbox can tap into other areas of Microsoft that specialise in this field.

True but he does talk about how more processing power will benefit them. One example is they use simplifications in certain parts of the engine that they are eager to replace with actual simulations when more processing power is available. Also Dan does detail a bit about the how the new Drivatar controller is better than the old system and doesn’t need to rely on rubberbanding to give players a challenge as well as a new system for classifying race tracks for the AI. He also notes that for the most part AI cars actually only track 1 other car at a time and they want them to track more cars when they get more performance. Definitely a really interesting video.

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Interesting stuff even if a bit too top level for my liking.

That the AI uses a binary controller for breaking and accelerating and utilizes tcs and abs to stay on the road, explains some peculiarities racing against them on higher levels and on surfaces like dirt or snow.

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Great video. I love this kind of stuff. It is pretty rare when a developper take the time to explain one single feature and go that deep. It really makes you appreciate all the things they are working on in the background to just improve the tech and make better games.

Very interesting. I wonder how they’re going to reconcile next gen expectations of most players (fast SSD, so super short loading times) with the fact that they perform AI test laps at loading (so load times are dictated by CPU performance even when you remove the storage bottleneck). Better CPUs would help in this situation, sure, but to what extent, and would the games still have “long” loading times unless they commit to another way of doing AI precaching? I’m sure that it’s an interesting challenge for them, one that most players who sit down to play Forza won’t be able to appreciate because they won’t even know about it.

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They have a lot of cpu power to spare now with the new consoles. They could run the AI test laps just 10 seconds (of loading time) ahead of the pack. Should be enough.