How do you trigger a game to go into Quick resume?

So I have only seen the quick resume banner maybe once on my Series X. I’ll play a game hit the home button to go back home the launch another game etc.

Seems this does not trigger quick resume. So what is the secret?

Feature been very hit or miss and without a dedicated menu to actually see whats in quick resume its kinda hard to say.


This would be ideal, a sidebar in the guide button showing us what is in the quick resume que. Valhalla was working with it two days ago and now won’t quick resume at all. Gears Tactics (which I’m LOVING) is the only game that as worked on multiple occasions with quick resume.

The only trigger is to leave the game running and start a new game. The reason this isn’t lays working is because quick resume has been disabled on many titles. It was working perfectly on Valhalla but was disabled over the weekend.

Xbox need to get it working but also in my view give a an option on the quick start guide to set the game to QR without having to start another title.

There is also an issue where if you have two Xbox consoles and are playing a game on one and set it to QR but play on your other machine that you will mess up save points. Again an option to share QR states across a network is required.

Yes, I think too we need an info what games are in the QuickResume rotation. While I personally do not need it because I know my little 2-3 games rotation, others may have more games in rotation or losing sight after a bigger break away from the console (when times normalize again).

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I’ve tested mine to a rotation of eight games (the ninth kicks out the first). Of course some games like Horizon and Gears 5 do not have it yet, so I left them out of my experiment.

Quick resume is inconsistent and i still don’t trust it so i always make sure to save in Yakuza Like a Dragon before i open another app or play another game.

You should always reach a checkpoint or doing a save, just in case. QuickResume for me is a accelerator to get to the point you where and not a tool to stop playing in the midst of some progress that is unsaved / or have reached a checkpoint. That feature is especially useful in COD campaigns on legendary (or whatever the name is for the hardest mode).