House Flipper added to Game Pass on Console & PC... out of nowhere?

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While perusing the Xbox store on the PC app I noticed House Flipper was listed as a recent addition to Xbox Game Pass. Checking on the console store and sure enough, it’s there too! We haven’t reviewed the title yet on Xbox Era but I’ve played through the entire thing and can happily say it’s like the house-building part of the Sims and it’s extremely satisfying.


What a pleasant surprise, this game is fun! I’ve beaten it twice (once on steam and once on console), so I could probably have a review out tomorrow if I got some footage :doge:

No idea what this is but got it queued. I love shadow drops.

imagine if the sims house building was the entire focus of the game with the ability/need to clean things up ahead of time being a part of it. I love this dumb game

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Looks like I might have found a new podcast game…

Unfortunately I’ve never played sims so I don’t have a frame of reference. I do, however, love to chill and build stuff. Thanks for the recommendation though. I’ve been looking for a random game this year to fall in love with (last year was Yes, your grace)

I’m going to do a review tonight, I have like 50 hours in this game mostly while listening to podcasts!

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Haha, sounds awesome.

What a random drop!

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This sounds stupid fun lol. Love that game pass gets a steady supply of simulators, both realistic and dumb like these. Hope they add PowerWash Simulator that one looks stupid fun as well

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Genuinely excited for this, it’s been on my radar for a while.

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Review is rendering, will hit the YouTube page at 8am EDT. having already played a ton of hours in the game certainly helped on this one :doge:


It is definitely a stupid fun game. Been playing it in early access on steam. I’d play through it all again on console for sure.

I just found out that it’s published by Square Enix lmao


Oh, it’s been a very long time since I’ve played a house building sim

Will only play this game if it has a mini game where you have a spatula and you’re trying to get houses to flip over in the air ala flap jacks while wearing webbed rubber foot thingies.

/s. Ish.