Horror Games: experiences and recommendations

My favorite video game genre has to be horror. I just revisited and played through Blair Witch. The way Bloober took the base story and setting from the movie and added tremendous character development and mental health issues to amp up the psychological horror was spectacular. Blair Witch makes me very excited for The Medium.

So, I am hoping that this thread can be a place to relay experiences with horror games and offer recommendations.

The game that originally got me into the Xbox ecosystem was Condemned. The first console I bought as an adult was the 360 and it was in large part because of Condemned. The way they brought in alcohol and drug addiction with police violence and crime deepened the level of terror in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

I am a big fan of horror movies but the immersive experience you get from horror games is unbeatable. So, I’d love to hear as many recommendations as possible.

  • Alien Isolation is the best horror game this gen and potentially ever
  • Dead Space 1 and 2
  • Amnesia the dark descent

So much this.

Alien Isolation was a great traumatic experience. The weakness of the character vs the OP of the alien made it truly terrifying and unique.

Also, thanks for the recommendations. I have not heard of Amnesia the dark descent so will definitely check it out. Have played and am a big fan of the others listed.

It’s on xbox I believe and should be pretty cheap now, it was a pc exclusive for a long time. It was one of the original viral horror games on YouTube but is actually very very good

Condemned 2

The Evil Within 1 & 2


Outlast 1 & 2

Amnesia games

Resident Evil 7 & RE2 Remake

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Honestly, if you have not, Play Resident Evil 2 Remake CASUALLY with Dolby ATMOS. Other games for sure are scarier but this experience was the best for me so far. Big horror game/movie fan myself

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I need to give The Evil Within another shot. Resident Evil 7 is solid.

Layers of Fear is the only horror game I’ve played in the semi recent past. I’ve just seen there is a sequel I haven’t played so might have to check that out myself.

You should. Great franchise.

Add another vote for Isolation.

Though be warned, the pacing in that game is not good. Depending on how you play, the game can feel a good 4 hours longer than it needs to be. Now keep in mind that it is an excellent game, and nothing stands out as superfluous. But they could have made each level like 20% smaller and lost nothing of value.

Condemned 1 & 2, Evil Within 1 & 2, Dead Space 1 & 2, Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 1 & 2.

Not meaning to hijack, but I’ve been reading the latest Boss Fight book on the original Resident Evil which has me itching to play it for the first time. I’ve played most of the “modern” games starting with 4 on GameCube, but never played through anything on the actual PSX/Dreamcast consoles for the RE series.

For anyone familiar, is the HD Remaster the way to go on Xbox One or the original on PSX? Does it still hold up? How about RE0 HD? And Code Veronica (Back Compat)?